Day: December 23, 2011

Maybe you’re better off outside.

Long before I understood concepts like consent or feminism, I understood creepy, and the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” qualified. It’s meant to be a fun, flirty little song, but listen to the lyrics and it’s wrong. “No means no” is clear and classic, and when a guy is that insistent about ignoring boundaries, it’s a sign to get the hell out of there, cold outside or not.

A Goodbye

It has been so long since I’ve produced original content at this blog that you could certainly be forgiven for not realizing I was still here. A goodbye may seem somewhat redundant, but I’m the kind of person who likes closure.

On Change and Accountability

This was written for and originally published at Role/Reboot.
Do we actually believe that people can change? If so, how do we want them to show us they’ve changed? Is absolution possible? Who decides the answers to these questions?