Year: 2011

On Change and Accountability

This was written for and originally published at Role/Reboot.
Do we actually believe that people can change? If so, how do we want them to show us they’ve changed? Is absolution possible? Who decides the answers to these questions?

Can commodification save reproductive justice?

This is a guest post by Echo Zen.

“It sounds ludicrous. Let’s try it.”
“Good. I’m down for anything involving karate and contraception.”*

As Feministe readers may have noticed lately, my crew of summer film students and I have been making short films on kung fu condoms over the past few months.

Fall Into the [Reverse Gender] Gap

This is a guest post by Jessica Mack.

One of the concepts that I hope fades out as we enter 2012 – along with flash mobs and marshmallow vodka – is the “reverse gender gap.” Somehow, in the American obsession with doom and gloom, small but important gains for women have become a reason to worry. They’ve become a reason to claim that the gender gap is not just closing, but – worse – it’s reversing.

Interview with a sex-positive feminist

Recently, I received an email from a student who is writing a paper about sex-positive feminism. He asked a bunch of questions; while I was reviewing those questions, I decided to just go ahead and post them plus my answers publicly (with the student’s consent, of course).