Day: January 26, 2012

So should we just start calling high heels “body modification”?

Disclaimer: I’m in heels today, as I am most workdays. They’re really cute Oxford booties, black patent with white topstitching. They’re currently sitting on the floor next to my desk. According to new research, that might not actually be helping.

Researchers at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, have been looking at the physiological impact of heel-wearing on women’s feet–not just the back pain and the foot-crunching, but changes on the muscle and tendon level. Those changes? Significant, they found, and negative and long-lasting.

Feministe’s Next Top Troll: Season 8

Ok, everyone, it’s Top Troll season again! We have rounded up some of the best of the worst comments from the past year, and will be publishing them for your amusement/horror. We’ll have a series of voting rounds where the trolls will compete against each other. Judge them however you like; I personally give points for style, (lack of) punctuation/proper grammar, inexplicable capitalization, magnificent use of stereotype, creative insult and degree to which the comment reveals the commenter’s status as a basement-dweller and/or sufferer of total soul-rot.

The Power of Female Friendship

A truly excellent piece over at The Rumpus about female friends:

I was reminded of the Wrinklies, of my friends, of the ways in which they carry me, when I read A Train in Winter by Caroline Morehead, a remarkable book that tells the story of women French resistance fighters who were sent to Auschwitz and who survived by doing what women do: supporting, finding a way to love and nurture in situations marked by the absence of love, tenderness, sense, sanity, or even humanity. In a concentration camp they managed to make Christmas gifts out of string and sticks; they put on plays in their barracks; they supported the weaker women, often hiding them for roll call. They were “a team.”