This is just a very cute picture of a dog.

Photo of a small white dog on his hind legs, being blown over in the wind

I am dog-sitting him for the day, and man is he cute. Even these torrential Brooklyn winds can’t mess with his amazing hair. His name is Fletcher, and according to his lovely human companion Amber, he is a pro-choice party dog. Which is maybe why he looks like he’s giving you the finger in that photo? (Perhaps imitating Feministing?)

When he’s not partying for reproductive rights, Fletcher’s other hobbies include insisting on being right next to you (and ideally in your lap) at all times, and peeing on as many things as possible while on a walk. There’s EVEN MORE FLETCHER here and here.

He’s also a rescue pup, and just as sweet as sweet can be. So if you’re feeling inspired by Fletcher’s cuteness, consider contributing to your favorite rescue organization. I’m a fan of the ASPCA, but there are many others.

And of course cute animal photos are encouraged in the comments.

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23 Responses to This is just a very cute picture of a dog.

  1. gretel says:

    I want to adopt a Fletcher!

    Here’s my canine nephew Callan hanging out in Brooklyn.

  2. it’s awesome to have a rescue dog like fletcher ! even though i brought one but my dad refused to keep it at home as he mess up all the time, any ways but i really want one.

  3. IT’S Awesome to have a rescue dog like FLECHTER even though i brought one puppy named as “SIMBA” but my dad don’t allowed me to keep at home as he mess up all the time but i really want one.

  4. Nimue says:

    Sorry team, I have no idea how to do hyperlinks. Maybe this one works?

  5. Ashley says:

    I love Fletcher!

    I can’t refuse a request to post a cute animal picture. :) Here is my feminist, terrier rescue dog, Penny (short for Penelope) in a pink argyle sweater and cuddled up with a blanket, sleeping.

  6. PrettyAmiable says:

    Yeah, wtf is up with the wind?

    [/missing the point]

  7. Brennan says:

    Very cute. Bichon mix? Maltese? Some of both?

  8. Chiara says:

    How is dog exactly a dog a pro choice dog? With simplisticly animal brains they would have only have an evolutionarily emparative to repdocue and teahirfore would proably be anti choice. to have concept slike rights and stuff requires a better brain /

  9. DonnaL says:

    Aren’t you being a little literal minded, Chiara? You’d probably ask me how it is I know that my cat Ziggy (he generally prefers that to Siegmund) is Jewish.

    I love cute doggie pictures, and Fletcher is adorable!

  10. Very cute dog! He reminds me of the dogs I saw today through the window at work, battling the wind and snow as their owners took them to the pet store next door. One particularly adorable little guy was happily romping in the snow.

    My cats are extremely pro-choice, but they rarely vote.

  11. Caperton says:

    Skip and Dave are Presbyterriers.

    [rim shot]

  12. igglanova says:

    OHHH OH OH here’s my conniving little poodle of the toilet-tube-pulling fame, displaying his soulful eyes and gawdawful duck feet. You’re lucky you’re so small, dog, for the sake of your health. :P

  13. tinfoil hattie says:

    Now THAT is an adorable dog.

  14. Awww! My little guy Bugsy is a rescue too — looks like they might be related.
    Here’s my boy — Bugsy

  15. Kristen J. says:

    Ummm…you can’t have a cute puppy thread where I don’t mention how adorable Chi is. Also a rescue. My new years resolution to take a photo a day has fallen to taking a photo when I feel like it…but there are still a bunch of adorable ones here at the puppy tumblr.

    As for preferences…Chi is obviously pro-choice and, generally, progressive. Although given how much she hogs the ball at doggie day care, her commitment to leftist ideals is somewhat lacking.

  16. librarygoose says:

    When it came to views on women’s rights, my dog piggy was as unwavering as a stone. Mainly because he had the intelligence of a bag of rocks.

  17. Chiara says:

    Aren’t you being a little literal minded, Chiara? You’d probably ask me how it is I know that my cat Ziggy (he generally prefers that to Siegmund) is Jewish.

    Yeah sorry I was commenting under the influence.

  18. Amber says:

    @Brennan- Fletcher is a maltese/poodle mix, I think. Since he’s a rescue, it’s hard to say. He sure is handsome, though :)

    To those questioning my dog’s loyalties to pro-choice ideals, it should be known that Mr. Handsome Party Boy didn’t have a choice when he got “fixed.” He understands the politics of the decision, but hates not having a say in reproductive rights.

  19. blondie says:

    I can tell my dog is pro-choice because he loves women, and he wants us to be happy. He doesn’t think we’re some species in drastic need of controlling (aside from giving him more treats, walks and car rides).

  20. speedbudget says:

    I don’t have a picture of my dog anywhere on the ‘net, but she is a rescue from a very bad puppy-mill like situation. She is a Brussels griffon, and the cute quotient was broken on her.

  21. blondie says:

    Throw out the question, “Whose dog is the cutest?” and you’d get a loud chorus of, “Mine!!!”

    Looking at cute dog and puppy pictures drops my I.Q. rapidly until all I can articulate is, “oohhh, look how cuute.” But it’s addictive. Entirely.

  22. Stella Marr says:

    Fletcher is adorablicious! This is our dog Romanito:

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