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FNTT Season 8, Round 1: the Bitches Be Crazy edition

Sorry I’ve been MIA on this, folks! But this is the last of Round 1 of Feministe’s Next Top Troll. Vote below, and then we’ll have a run-off between this and the other Round 1 posts to see who will be named Feministe’s Next Top Troll. Background on FNTT here. Click through to read this round’s contenders. The usual reminder: Comments below are abusive, insulting and may be triggering. Continue reading

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Students of Color Face Harsher Discipline in Schools

This isn’t news, but it’s good to see the Department of Education documenting the trend: Continue reading

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A Conservative Argument for Birth Control

Conservatives like to say that they care about saving money, right? And that “Obamacare” is going to bankrupt the nation, the way that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security apparently already are? Well here’s a great way to save $1.32 billion annually: Fund birth control. Continue reading

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