Day: March 14, 2012

Arizona demonstrates why “The Pill isn’t just for family planning!” isn’t enough on its own

The Arizona legislature, in yet another bid to prove that they’re willing to reach for the stars in the interest of screwing people over, is debating a bill that would allow employers to offer insurance coverage for good girls with medical needs without covering hobags who just like to do it–assuming the women in question are willing to put their private medical records up for the judgment of their boss.

Fun in Getting Taken Out of Context

So there’s this book called “50 Shades of Grey” that everyone is talking about, and I haven’t even read the damn thing, but it sounds like all kinds of silly and kind of fucked up, and probably a bad representation of BDSM and sex generally, and it’s being compared to Twilight and championed by “Mommy Bloggers” so I probably will not bother picking it up. When a journalist contacted me and asked if I’d give a quote on it, I said I hadn’t read it, but I could speak generally on issues of consent and sexuality. Great. She emailed me a very general question, I gave a general answer. This is the outcome: