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The Hunger Games is not a love triangle (and why that matters)

(And then I promise I’ll let the whole thing go [probably (probably not)].)

A lot of reports accompanying the release of The Hunger Games (movie) have made reference to a “love triangle” between Katniss, Gale, and Peeta. And I get what they’re trying to do there: The top-grossing YA movies of late have involved at least some kind of three-sided romantic entanglement. But The Hunger Games isn’t a love triangle–not by the traditional definition, at least. And identifying the book as such and pushing the movie to serve as such does both the book and the fans a disservice, and that makes me sad.

Note: This post is bustin’ with SPOILERS for the book, although not so much for the movie (except to the extent that it’s, y’know, based on the book). Continue reading

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Volunteer Abortion Funds Ramp Up in New York, Nationally

By Mary Lou Greenberg, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine. When two Barnard college students arrived to escort patients into a New York City abortion clinic one winter day in 2001, they had no idea their experience would affect the … Continue reading

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About HBO’s Girls…

So what’s the deal with that HBO show Girls? It’s getting a lot of attention as a great new feminist tv show, but Julianne Escobedo Shepherd over at AlterNet isn’t quite so convinced: Continue reading

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