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Gender Equality is the Friend of the Family

My latest at the Guardian: Continue reading

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Why the Sex Positive Movement is Bad for Sex Workers

A must-read by former Feministe guest blogger Audacia Ray: Continue reading

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The Gender Wage Gap Still Exists

Women still make 77 cents to a man’s dollar, earning less for working the same jobs and the same number of hours. Unsurprisingly, black and Latina women have the widest pay gaps, and are much more likely to work low-wage jobs. Continue reading

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Feministe Book Club: YA Edition

In our recent discussion of the purported Hunger Games love triangle, there’s been some interest in having an honest-to-dog book-club-esque discussion of one or more books in the Hunger Games series. For those who are interested: How would you like to do this? Which book would you like to start with? Would you want to read all the way through and discuss at the end, or read a couple of chapters at a time? (The Hunger Games is 384 pages, 27 chapters, GL 5.3, and the others are similar.) How easy/quick will it be for interested parties to get hands on copies of the book? What is your favorite food that provides little to no real sustenance? Mine is peanut butter pretzels. Continue reading

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