Day: May 1, 2012

Dinner Talk

There’s a post up in the Times Style section this week about dinner table conversation, and how it varies from family to family. The author notes that at her childhood dinner table, the parents did the talking and the kids kept to themselves. In the Foer family, no one ever asked “What did you do today?”; instead, the Foer father, “a lawyer who served on the board of the American Civil Liberties Union, led his children in debates about economic policy and civil rights issues, but with an open ear: a conversation about Reagan’s Star Wars policies might lead to a discussion about “why we couldn’t build a giant shield over the United States out of Legos.”

American Pie part 39483

The latest installment of the American Pie movie franchise is hitting theaters. This time around, the characters are in their early 30s; hopefully this will be the last edition, and we won’t have to collectively suffer through nursing home boner jokes. Because as Feministe friend Allison McCarthy points out in the Guardian, the humor has gone from the simply crass and teenage-boy-ish to the straight-up sexist and rapey.