Day: June 22, 2012

Drinking While Pregnant: Not The Worst Thing.

You can drink while pregnant and, as long as it’s done in moderation, everything is probably going to be ok. Or maybe it won’t be ok. Heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause serious health issues for the baby, and no one seems to know exactly how much is too much, so the current guideline is “don’t drink.” No drinking means no fetal alcohol effects. But it might also mean a miserable pregnant lady. And stress and miserableness can lead to a series of health issues as well, including miscarriage.

Our Failed Mental Health System

This article in the New York Times Magazine is a must-read. It looks at the many ways our system is failing the mentally ill and their families — how there are few good options, and mentally ill people end up being cruelly cycled through emergency rooms and jails while their families hit wall after wall in trying to get help. I wish the author would have focused a bit more on the civil liberties issues — there are bars to involuntary commitment for good reasons — but the current set-up isn’t doing much good.