Month: August 2012

Friday Favorites

We’re instituting a new tradition here at Feministe: Friday Favorites. We’ll post some of our favorite things, and then you post some of your favorite things, and we will all share favorites. It will be fun and great and fun. And funnest of all, there are no rules! You can post anything that is a current favorite. So here we go with a few of mine:


Who wears the pants in this economy? Hanna Rosin’s book, “The End of Men,” is excerpted in the NY Times. I haven’t read it yet, because I am dreading reading it. But you should read it. Did you see Clint…

People, Please Get Your Act Together (now with 53% more clarification!)

People today are self-absorbed. They don’t care what anyone thinks. There is less focus on discipline, integrity, boundaries, fairness, honesty, and respect. Living in society is not getting everything you want. It’s not about focusing exclusively on your own wants and needs. It is about being a useful and respectful person in society. Based on my experience as a legal adult for the past 13 years, I’ve found that about a quarter of people are self-absorbed, self-centered assholes and feel entitled to do anything they want.

Tom Smith clarifies: Rape is only like having a baby out-of-wedlock to fathers.

A lot of attention has been paid to Rep. Todd Akin’s asinine assertion that “legitimate rape” can’t result in pregnancy, and Republicans have been backpedaling left and right to distance themselves from such idiocy. Take, for instance, Republican Senate candidate Tom Smith (mentioned in Jill’s post), who knows full well that rape, “legitimate” or not, can result in pregnancy. For instance, his daughter had sex out of wedlock, and she got pregnant, and it’s pretty much the same thing.