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A Simple Saturday Post: Leave Me Out of Your “Everyone,” Mr. Apatow.

I just wanted to quickly mention the trailer for the new Judd Apatow movie, “This is 40.” Of course, we all know that Hollywood is guilty of all sorts of offenses all of the time, but it seems rare even … Continue reading

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Everything you ever needed to know about children

Is over at The Honest Toddler. The post about animals is spot-on. Continue reading

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New Comments

Just a heads up that we’re introducing threaded comments in an effort to make comment sections more streamlined, and enable commenters to respond directly to each other. I know some folks love threaded comments and some hate them, but we’re trying them out, so… please be patient if you’re in the “I hate them” group. We’re also adding “Guest” designations to our guest bloggers so that it’s clear who’s a regular contributor and who’s guest-posting. Try the comments out, and let us know about issues / bugs / suggestions. Continue reading

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