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How Did Republican Rape Philosophers Do Last Night?

Let’s take a look! Continue reading

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Binders Full of Women

Are about to occupy the Senate. Record numbers of women were elected to Senate seats last night, and almost all the new female senators are Democrats. The 113th Congress will have 19 (possibly 20) female senators, the most in American history. Continue reading

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The Morning After

Fighting a major post-election hang-over after a long night out celebrating good news. And there is so much good news! Obama won, earlier in the night than expected. Elizabeth Warren beat Scott Brown in a close race in Massachusetts, and Tim Kaine also beat George Allen in Virginia. And those Republican rape comments really bit them in the ass, with Richard “rape pregnancies are God’s will” Mourdock losing to Democrat Joe Donnelly in Indiana — an outcome that seemed extremely unlikely even a few days ago. Todd “legitimate rape” Akin also legitimately lost to Claire McCaskill in Missouri. And Wisconsin elected Tammy Baldwin, who will be America’s first out lesbian Senator. Continue reading

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Doomed If You Do, Doomed If You Don’t: Scientists Attribute Endometriosis to Attractiveness

A recent Italian study claims that women with the most severe form of endometriosis happen to be unusually attractive.” Continue reading

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