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Jill began blogging for Feministe in 2005. She has since written as a weekly columnist for the Guardian newspaper and in April 2014 she was appointed as senior political writer for Cosmopolitan magazine.
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  1. ollie says:

    It’s been a couple of weeks, so to start off here’s my first link market, a little roundup of some great stuff I’ve been reading on the interwebs.

    I also wrote about male pop music’s annoying trend of diagnosing and fixing/forgiving problems in their female love interests.

    And finally, a short piece on what it means to me to be comfortable in my body.

  2. Anjasa says:

    I wrote about Victim Blaming after a local news site asked readers if they felt that women were ‘doing enough’ to stop themselves from being drugged and sexually assaulted.

    Spoiler alert: The majority thought they weren’t.

  3. I wrote about:
    Why a “Digital Aristotle” is a terrible idea
    -Why I decided to switch from NaPoWriMo to NaBloWriMo
    -A links round-up including posts about Hurricane Sandy, the US elections, job-hunting, fatshion, and girls who want to dress up as princesses.
    -And, for fun: tutus!

  4. A quick piece on the controversies surrounding “Movember” (ahead of a fuller discussion later this week), dragging in Narnia and Biblical proof-texting…

  5. Kathy says:

    I’m blogging my NaNoWriMo progress this month. I also wrote a brief post about the cultural appropriation in No Doubt’s (now pulled) new video, and their apology afterward.

  6. V. E. says:

    I wrote a pretty decent piece about getting my grandmother to vote in this year’s election. It’s at Flyover Feminism right now.

  7. stavvers says:

    I’ve written about how the UK media is completely derailing discussions on child abuse and that’s absolutely disgusting:

  8. Heliconia says:

    Haven’t written anything about feminism, or anything serious for that matter, in a while. But because I am shameless, allow me to promote my handy guide to the great metaphysical question of our times, the difference between yams and sweet potatoes.

  9. We are taught to believe that defeat, failure, and weakness are causes for shame. In truth, surrender is a crucial survival tool. Your painfully remembered surrender was a successful strategy to survive into this present moment. Surrender Without Shame

  10. delagar says:

    Over on FanSci, we announce a SF anthology, Menial: Skilled Labor in SF, which not only contains stories about and from the point of view of working class characters, but also (unlike many SF anthologies) has many* stories written by (and from the point of view of!) women, people of color, and LGBT writers/characters.

    *Specifically, more than half our contributing writers are women, and among these are a mix of new and established writers.

  11. delagar says:

    Forgot to say — Menial is published by Crossed Genres Press, which also published Fat Girl In a Strange Land, a fat-positive anthology SF anthology.

  12. GumbyAnne says:

    I wrote about the lessons I was glad to learn from the election this week.

  13. Thinking About Things“- Bill O’Reilly said that people like me want “things,” I’m trying to sell my house and need to pack up all of my things, and I read an article about a woman who whittled down her possessions to only 100 things. Things are on my mind.

    How’s My Grammar“- I don’t think you can talk about grammar without talking about privilege and prejudice. I lay a lot of fundamental groundwork in my developmental writing classroom before teaching my students where a comma goes. Am I helping them or confusing them?

    Would You Sleep with a Republican?“- Jill’s post last week about not sleeping with the political enemy got me thinking. I have a lot of friends whose politics are very different from mine, but is there a difference between lovers and friends?

  14. Thessaly says:

    I just started a new lifestyle blog on the topic of being a grad student/ABD/in limbo between being a student and a real life adult with an actual paycheck.

  15. Supernatural: Women in the Very Overstocked Fridge : Looking at how the death of women is routinely used as the impetus for action by men in Supernatural.

    To T-Dog in Memoriam : Thoughts on the death of T Dog on the show The Walking Dead and what it says about its treatment of Black characters.

    Review: Trapped by Kevin Hearne, Book 5 in the Iron Druid Chronicles : Yes, we got our hands on an advanced readers copy of Trapped and this article deals with our thoughts on the book

    American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 4: I am Anne Frank: Part 1 : A critical look at the latest episode of American Horror Story, in which they decided to appropriate the experiences of Anne Frank for entertainment.

    • DonnaL says:

      The idea that they used Anne Frank — or any other non-fictional victim of the Holocaust — for entertainment purposes is completely disgusting.

    • EG says:

      Every day and in every way, I am more and more pleased with my decision to stop watching the second season of American Horror Story after the second episode.

      Aside from the repulsive use of Anne Frank, Shelley was my favorite character and I hate hate hate that she’s being punished for loving sex. I really think this is quite counter to the first season and go to hell, show.

    • FeministLurker says:

      JEEZ SPOILER ALERT for Walking Dead you asshat. Some of us haven’t watched it yet.

  16. I’m living in a rural community in Tanzania for the year and blogging about my experience and what I’m learning. All of this is shaped through the feminist/ social justice lens through which I see the world.

    The first time I went to burn trash and the cultural clash I encountered:
    I begin exploring issues of health and visible difference in the community I live in:
    Trouble acclimating and my thoughts on how US television has shaped my perceptions of what drinkable water is:

  17. Anna says:

    Our dear retiring senator, Jon Kyl, gave us a great idea when he made his “not intended to be a factual statement” about Planned Parenthood’s services. At the beginning of the year, we launched a new series on our blog, “Over 90 Percent of What Planned Parenthood Does,” highlighting the myriad preventive health services that Planned Parenthood Arizona provides. This week we posted our two most recent pieces.

    First: Urinary tract infections! Anyone with a urethra can get a urinary tract infection (UTI). Get the scoop on UTIs: Who’s at risk? How can they be prevented? How are they cured? Does cranberry juice help? If you have a vagina, should you urinate after sex? So much important information, and all in one place!

    Second: Diabetes screening! In addition to our sexual and reproductive health services, we offer general health care too. Read our blog to learn what diabetes is, what puts you at risk for it, and how to prevent it. And find out how you can make an appointment at PPAZ for diabetes screening.

  18. kittenofthebaskervilles says:

    At the Secret Histories Project this week, meet Margaret Clap, owner of a gay coffeehouse in 1720s London, and remember the sacrifices of the colony troops who fought for Britain in World War I and World War II.

  19. Tori says:

    Extra Weight — On diet companies who constantly advertise that I should (pay them to) lose mine.

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Revenge — On how the episode buys into rape culture and victim blaming.

    Election Results — Remembering watching the 2000 results in my college dorm, with a lot of people who were in many ways different from me. Also, thinking about the differences between exposing oneself to different — sometimes disagreeable — ideas while trying to limit encounters with people who disrespect me (or others) outright.

    I AM Voting Pro Life — “I’m going to start with the people who respect the fact that my uterus, my ovaries, my vagina, and all those darn X chromosomes don’t make my life less valuable and doesn’t make me less fit to govern my own choices.”

  20. A. Lynn says:

    I’m back to regular blogging this week!

    I kicked things off with a discussion about teens and enthusiastic consent, moved on to intersectionality, and then a PSA that Texas is running to remind me I’m just a baby vessel.

  21. Ryan says:

    I guest-blogged for Kyndall Renfro about the time I decided to stop locking my doors.

  22. Friend/feminist/LGBT advocate Deb Morrow lost to obnoxious, annoying Tea Partier Trey Gowdy in Tuesday’s congressional election:

    I started my very own history project, and I advise everyone else over 50 to do likewise; start posting the political odds and ends of your life:

  23. Nine says:

    (Maybe if I use a different email address my comment will get through?)
    Rhoda Grant and the Sacrificial Sex Worker: on potential new sex industry legislation in Scotland.

  24. The Shape of Things to Come?, in which an inexplicable shortage of peppermints makes me wonder about the future.

    A few words about the election. In which our president is as Muslim as I am Mennonite and I get to remain human for four more years.

  25. Link round-up for the week: “Good Reading This Week“.

    My thoughts on body acceptance: “Love Your Body“.

    Quote round-up: “Wise Words on Eating Disorders“.

  26. I blog about feminist issues, especially concerning gender (in)equality in developing countries. I started blogging after getting a lot of attention from this viral video that I made: Hope you’ll check it out!

  27. SunlessNick says:

    What are the ethics of promoting someone else?

  28. (Better late than never, but here we go)

    I wrote an open letter to Roseanne Barr, regarding her transphobic comments. It can be found at this link, over at Irish Feminist blog, Feminist Ire.

    How did Roseanne react? By calling me a liar and woman-hater, saying I was just trying to bait her. Which was not true. I told her as much on twitter, but before I knew it, she had blocked me.

  29. A piece that I wrote was recently published (my first time being published!!) as the afterthought of the book “The Oprah Effect”, by Judy Proffer and Nancy Mehagian. The opening was written by “The Way of the Nerd Series” author, Ken Goldstein. I’m proud to be apart of this book because it inspires and empowers us to learn from people who have come before us. It’s a unique perspective on the lessons we’ve learned from Oprah throughout the years, especially as women.

    I hope you’ll check out the links below:

    Much love!

  30. ‘Not my marriage!’ How my “feminist” marriage wasn’t really:

  31. Muse142 says:

    I finished reviewing my Doctor Who! The Power of Three is up, as is The Angels Take Manhattan. Spoilers ahoy, consider yourself warned!

    I also rambled about thesis work, sanity, and poly people problems, with gifs. Always with gifs.

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