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How Many More Women Like Savita Halappanavar Should We Tolerate?

That’s what Feministe friend Soraya Chemaly is asking over at the Huffington Post. Check it out. Continue reading

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Career Racist Mark Steyn Writes About Tribalism

And by “tribes” he quite literally means black and brown people, who he believes are “unnaturally” contaminating America, and who the Republican party should in no way recognize or represent. Continue reading

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More reasons not to eat at Applebees, Papa Johns or Denny’s

Just in case you weren’t aware that the owners of some big-chain restaurants and huge jerks, check out this piece by Matt Yglesias highlighting the temper-tantrums being thrown by the owners of Applebees, Denny’s and Papa Johns over Obamacare. Their problem? Under Obamacare, small businesses don’t incur any additional tax burden; businesses that already provide health insurance are also in the clear; and so are businesses that pay their employees a living wage. But businesses that both employ more than 25 people and pay extremely low wages have to put some money into the health care system. The multi-millionaires who pay their employees pennies and are the beneficiaries of Republican tax breaks don’t like that, and they’re throwing fits: Continue reading

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The Southern Strategy

Was not just a way of simplistically race-baiting; it set the framework for the modern Republican party. And it’s not just the standard racist dog-whistles that we mostly recognize (welfare, state’s rights); it’s covered up in supposedly race-neutral issues like taxation. Continue reading

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