The Southern Strategy

Was not just a way of simplistically race-baiting; it set the framework for the modern Republican party. And it’s not just the standard racist dog-whistles that we mostly recognize (welfare, state’s rights); it’s covered up in supposedly race-neutral issues like taxation.

And this stuff wasn’t left in the 1980s with Ronald Reagan (who, notably, modern conservatives will still argue was totally not racist in any way).

In 2005, the political scientists Nicholas Valentino and David Sears demonstrated that a Southern man holding conservative positions on issues other than race is no more likely than a conservative Northerner to vote for a Democrat. But when the relevant identifier is anti-black answers to survey questions—like whether one agrees “If blacks would only try harder they could be just as well off as whites”—white Southerners were twice as likely than white Northerners to refuse to vote Democratic. As another political scientist, Thomas Schaller, wrote in his 2006 book Whistling Past Dixie (which naturally quotes the infamous Atwater lines), “Despite the best efforts of Republican spinmeisters…the partisan impact of racial attitudes in the South is stronger today than in the past.”

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  1. Nicholas says:

    The documentary film about Lee Atwater, Boogie Man, is a pretty great movie and helps explain this history in more detail for those who may be interested in learning more.

  2. Foxy says:

    But now democrats have new strategy.Flooding the country with illegal immigrants

  3. DonnaL says:

    Go fuck yourself, you disgusting troll. I think you’re in the wrong place — maybe you were trying to find freerepublic or some such place, since your discourse seems to be at about that level of intelligence.

  4. Raja says:

    Please….let them seceede. They are more trouble than they are worth.

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