Bid for Good

WAM, an organization very near and dear to my heart, is auctioning off some awesome items and services just in time for the holidays. Feministe friend Captain Awkward will give you advice! Ann Friedman will tell your story in GIFs! Baratunde Thurston will bring you as his date to Whiskey Friday! Rebecca Traister will edit your manuscript! An autographed Tegan and Sara vinyl pack! Dinner with Jessica Valenti! A strategy session with Sandra Fluke! Tickets to the Colbert Report, Wanda Sykes and more! SO MANY THINGS. GO BID NOW.

1 comment for “Bid for Good

  1. November 28, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    A noble endeavor brazenly misappropriated for juvenile misogynistic lockerroom giggles (remember: it’s only *really* sexist if SARAH PALIN.)

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