Day: January 9, 2013

How not to be a creep

A lot of dudes really flip out in response to the term “creep.” It’s so UNFAIR to call them creeps! The word “creep” is ableist because there are dudes on the autism spectrum who have difficulty socializing and reading social cues and they can’t help being creepy! Etc etc. The take-away seems to be that women just need to tolerate creepy dudes because feeling like your personal safety is being consistently threatened (and running the risk of being told “Well why didn’t you DO something about that creep sooner?” if your personal safety is actually violated) is a small price to pay in the service of not making one dude feel kinda sad. Which is why I really appreciate when dudes who maybe do have problems reading social cues are told they’re being creepy and instead of getting mad at the person telling them that fact, they take steps to change their behavior. Like Ben here, who is interviewed over at the Hairpin in an excellent piece, and who seems like a really interesting and lovely person:

Where are the women?

It would have been awfully nice if Republicans wouldn’t have unfairly maligned the wonderful and eminently qualified Susan Rice for Secretary of State, but we can’t blame them entirely for this room full of dudes. And great (and unsurprising) that the Obama administration has appointed many more women than the Bush administration. But women need to be at the highest levels and in the inner circle. And…