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Jill began blogging for Feministe in 2005. She has since written as a weekly columnist for the Guardian newspaper and in April 2014 she was appointed as senior political writer for Cosmopolitan magazine.
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  1. Review: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters : We take a look at the movie and save you the time and money of going to see it.

    It’s Not Bullying to Point Out Oppressive Language In a Book Review: We take a look a the assertion that people who bring up social justice fails in their bookreviews on Goodreads are bullying writers and why these fails are legitimate criticism.

    A review and recap of The Vampire Diaries Season Four, Episode 12: A View to a Kill

    Finally, a Review of Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman (Noughts & Crosses #1) : Though this is often cited a good discrimination flip, this review looks at the issues of this assertion.

    • Lasciel says:

      Between this and the conservatives’ bills for teachers to be armed, I can hardly see how they could make schools any more dangerous if they tried.

  2. Lena Dunham Is Not Impressed With Rihanna: Examining Dunham’s claim that Rihanna is no role model and how this ignores the psychology behind the actions of victims of spousal abuse.

    Can We Please Stop Questioning Michelle Obama’s Feminist Credentials? : Once again we have complaints about the FLOTUS not doing this to advance the role of women. I take a look at this and suggest that issue isn’t Mrs.Obama but the expectations of the office of FLOTUS which is truly the issue.

    Good Faith : looking at the role of good faith in social justice conversations.

    Why ‘Between Women’ Is Important : Looking at the webseries ‘Between Women’, which is about Black lesbians and why such media is important.

  3. AK Anderson says:

    This week, when asked the question “Who do you think are the five greatest science fiction writers of all time?” I trolled other lists until my stomach hurt, and then I listed the ground-breaking women who made me want to write sci-fi.

  4. Francesca says:

    Invisible women – need to get in front of the camera, not hide behind it, or our children will never know we existed

  5. Adam Z. says:

    Change of venue, this week. For, I reviewed “Beyond the Swastika and Jim Crow,” a new exhibit at the National Museum of American Jewish History, in Philadelphia.

    Read it here:

  6. Tori says:

    What’s in a Name? — I got married. Apparently, some of my coworkers evaluate my level of commitment to my partner by whether or not I changed my name.

    Eating on the Clock [notes for diet and weight loss talk] — My reactions to how some weight loss studies are being reported.

    And Laura of Tutus and Tiny Hats was kind enough to let me share On Apples and Abdominal Adipositivity [note for body image stuff] on my blog.

  7. canbebitter says:

    This week I took a look at ‘Big Bang Theory’ and didn’t like what I saw…

  8. Orlando says:

    Not a blog, but a book. My first. It’s a feminist analysis of the way Shakespeare’s most outspoken female characters are being performed today:
    Shakespeare and the Shrew: Performing the Defiant Female Voice

    Not asking people to buy it, it’s much too expensive. But it would be fantastic if anyone who works for a university, or is a postgraduate student could request it from your library.

  9. ninjanurse says:

    Religious Birth Control Exemption–Checkmate

    A risk pool of women of childbearing age– young, healthy and using contraception vs the older demographic. Is the Catholic church handing insurers a big reward for offering contraception? Is Obama playing three dimensional chess?

  10. Christina says:
    Notable women in two of the history books I’ve read recently (one is historical fiction) and some thoughts about reading history and drawing inspiration from the past

  11. Anna says:

    Last year, you might have heard about the newest strain of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, which was documented in Japan and Europe. But this month’s issue of JAMA shines the spotlight on North American cases of stubborn gonorrhea infections, which failed treatment with a type of cephalosporin, the only remaining class of antibiotics considered to be effective against gonorrhea.

    What is antibiotic resistance, and how can sexually active people take steps to protect themselves from coming into contact with antibiotic-resistant strains of gonorrhea? Find out!

    * * *

    Exactly 15 years ago last Tuesday, a bomb exploded as a Birmingham abortion clinic opened for the day, killing a security guard and seriously injuring a nurse. The man responsible for the bombing, Eric Robert Rudolph, managed to elude authorities until he was finally captured in 2003. Rudolph was also responsible for other anti-abortion and anti-gay violence, and was sentenced to life in prison.

    The 1990s were a time of extreme anti-abortion terrorism. Learn about the culture of violence that gave rise to such horrific acts.

  12. The Feminist Breeder decided to move her blog to a subscription-only service this week. In response to some angry readers, she said it was unfeminist to ask women to create work for free and that all of us should stop giving it away. That made me question blogging, ethics, and money.

    I did the Whole30 plan of no grains, dairy, or sugar for 30 days. Here’s my review.

    The debate over whether or not we should euthanize feral cats because of the damage they do to native wildlife populations made me think of some other issues where competing ethical frameworks collide.

  13. This week at Yes Means Yes Blog:

    Jam, a video by Canadian sex educator Karen K.B. Chan. It is based on the essay Toward A Performance Model of Sex, from the book Yes Means Yes: Visions Of Female Sexual Power And A World Without Rape. I’m really stunned by how well this video illustrates the concepts.

    Revenge Porn and the Women Humiliation Industry connects the revenge porn issue that Jill recently posted about to the market for papparazzi’s celebrity creepshots and reality television as part of a continuum of humiliating women, and specifically sexually humiliating women.

  14. It has been a busy week at Chez Mudd.

    I put out my thouhts on why homophobes are not gay, just overprivileged.

    I got the first review for my urban fantasy novel, with the alcoholic PI and the scarred combat mage. And it is a good one.

    My lesbian adventure collection received an award from the Science Fiction Romance Awards.

    I finished a pair of socks. And kept them. Because I seldom keep anything I make.

    On the business front, Inkstained Succubus Press has a new website. It is shiny (and there are open calls).

    Coming Next Week: “Nothing left but Leeks and Potatoes” soup, why I have the bravest 15 year old son, and more adventures in Homeschooling.

  15. tricialo says:

    I wrote about the 60th year of toy fair that took place in London recently and how little toys have changed in terms of gendered marketing. I suggested that Toy Fair drop the gendered toy awards for best boy’s and girl’s toy. Let Them Play.

  16. Having surgery, or fighting the good fight – Should I delay my gender reassignment surgery to increase the chance that insurance will pay for it?

    The Book of the City of Ladies – I’m reading all 64 pieces in the Essential Feminist Reader and responding to each. This is the first.

    Feeling a little unstable – Gender identity disorder: 302.85. Vaginoplastiy: 55970

    And, of course, my ongoing fundraiser for my gender reassignment surgery

  17. A. Lynn says:

    This week I wrote about the fatphobic ideas behind saying “it takes hard work to look this good.”

    I also had some quick thoughts on the fantastic Scandal.

  18. I’ve got a few new recipes posted:

    Pasta Scampi

    Snickerdoodles with Cinnamon Chips

    Buffalo Chicken Calzones

    My recipes are usually fancier. Enjoy!

  19. With Love says:

    Gamers, social stigma, and how much easier gay people have it.

    Applaud sexual assault! Now buy this car.

    Jealous, hysterical, irrational women.

  20. This week at the Tea Cosy:

    Reading the Comments: Space, funerals and Toesie-Woesies. What happens on the bottom half of the internet.

    Why Marriage Equality Matters to Me despite having never been a girl who dreamed about her wedding day.

    Abortion: Saying it out loud. The things you never hear.

    Alive: A gay pro-life network. Are they really what they seem?

    Buckets and the Arnold Schwarzenegger of quantum physics

    Every equal marriage debate, ever

  21. Andie says:

    A school in New Jersey has its female students take a ‘No Swearing’ pledge. To that I say “Oh, Fuck No.”

  22. I’m a reporter at a daily newspaper in Aspen, but this week I branched out and tried my hand as a gear critic when I wrote a review on pee pants for active women. In my short column I argue that pee pants could be the final chapter in feminist’s attempt to level the playing field between men and women—cuz, I mean, why shouldn’t we be able to pee standing up?

  23. Li says:

    Not exactly self-promotion, but a friend of mine is currently sourcing funding for her doco.

    “Aquaporko! is the story of Melbourne’s fat femme synchronized swim team sculling, egg beating and high kicking towards their first ever live performance. We follow fat activist and filmmaker Kelli Jean Drinkwater as she meets the team and uncovers a world of friendship, community and radical body politics. Kelli Jean chats to members of the Aquaporko! team about self-acceptance, embracing body positivity and how they as individuals and as a group challenge society’s relentless negativity towards fatness.”

    Anyone who’s interested should check out their pozible page.

  24. Six months after taking my writing seriously by “putting it out there”, I am finally starting to promote my blog:

    I’ve been undoing the perfectionist I was raised to be (such a distraction, perfection! and keeps you from doing your work); getting comfy in my skin about meditative living, gardening, cooking, career choices, and my propensity to cry.

    And I’m able to do this not-perfectly (aka on Monday not Sunday).

  25. stonebiscuit says:

    My maternal grandmother, who started me on the path to costuming by giving me my first sewing machine, died of brain cancer a few days before Christmas. On Sewing Successes

  26. G says:

    I posted part two of my blog series on abortion law in the UK. Why should we not be focussing on legal reform to achieve reproductive freedom? Read to find out!

    Part One is here.

    Part Two is here.

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