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Jill began blogging for Feministe in 2005. She has since written as a weekly columnist for the Guardian newspaper and in April 2014 she was appointed as senior political writer for Cosmopolitan magazine.
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  1. Anna says:

    The first African-American president of Planned Parenthood, Faye Wattleton, talked to us about her career and the struggle for reproductive justice. Last week, we examined allegations of racism leveled against Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger. Ms. Wattleton dealt with these accusations during her tenure with Planned Parenthood, and abortion opponents continue to assert this possible connection.
    How do issues of race, feminism, and family planning intersect, and where does bodily autonomy factor into the equation?

    * * *

    Last Tuesday was the 50th anniversary of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, which kicked off feminism’s second wave and brought attention to “the problem that has no name.”

    See what historian Stephanie Coontz has to say about that nameless problem, described as the widespread dissatisfaction felt by housewives whose marriages didn’t allow them to fulfill their potentials. What did Friedan get right, what did she get wrong, and how has marriage changed for Americans over the past half century?

  2. jemima101 says:

    I wrote a piece on the influence of extreme religious groups in the UK parliament for The Occupied Times of London

    And we won a prize on the blog! I enter a picture each week into sinful sunday . It is about being proud of my body and my sexuality for me, and has done wonders for my self esteem (link NSFW)

  3. deb says:

    I wrote this week about my outrage that the Republicans would try to turn the problem of rape on college campuses into a gun control issue in #liberaltips2avoidrape? i have two words: shame & ignorance

    on a more personal note: i wrote about why I don’t want to dye my hair as it grays in dye-ing to stay young

  4. Lauren says:

    The Trouble With Equality: I critique the discourse of “equality feminism” and “equality” often serves to hides a whole host of power relations that we need to deconstruct first and foremost.

  5. Lauren says:

    Somehow that link didn’t go through!

    The Trouble With Equality:

  6. Nancy Green says:

    I’m betting on the dark horse for next pope–
    It Was Only a Matter of Time

    And on that subject–poor people are used to weird food, right?
    Let Them Eat Horse

    Rich athlete+inept prosecution=South Africa’s O.J.Simpson
    Oscar Pistorius Will be Found Innocent

  7. Ashley says:

    Movie review/discussion, possible spoiler alert.
    Movie Discussion: The Runaways

  8. canbebitter says:

    This week I wrote about the feminism of LucasArts’ Monkey Island series:

    Maybe it’s time you played it again.

  9. I had some thoughts on One Billion Rising and Orson Scott Card. They were not kind thoughts. And this emerged.

  10. Kasey Weird says:

    Things I’ve been posting about lately:

    On abortion:
    Why questions of fetal personhood are irrelevant to discussion of the morality of abortion
    And a brief addendum, in which I renege on my initial criticism of the idea that abortion is a personal moral choice

    A guest blogger explores the things that go through her head when she gets uninvited advances from men, and muses (very optimistically) about educating the men who do this, and preventing them from disturbing other women in the same way.

    An exploration of some of the common misconceptions of poly relationships.

    A response to Patheos’ Forward Thinking prompt: “How Should We Punish People For Moral Failures?”

  11. This week at Nursing Clio:

    -Fallen Women Forgiven: Enda Kenny and the Magdalene Laundries

    -Nursing the Masses: A Website Analytic of Nursing Clio

    If you like our work, please “like” us on Facebook!

  12. Aoife says:

    This week was Guest Post week at the Tea Cosy, as your faithful blogstress was off on her holidays.

    From Monsterevity’s Nicola Moffat, Bisexuality: Thinking in Opposites: how bi identities and lives can help to break down binaries just by doin’ our thing.

    Stephen Spillane contributed his thoughts on being A Religious Pro-Choicer, as well as sharing some little-known facts about the Church of Ireland’s relatively pro-choice history.

    Continuing on the theme of abortion and choice, Brian Carey gave us a quick primer on reductio ad absurdum before asking what happens when we take anti-abortion claims to their logical conclusions.

    Last but definitely not least was Helen McBride. In What Poots did Next: Homophobia and Blood, Helen looked into the situation in Northern Ireland for men who have had sex with men and blood donation and how this both contributes to and is systematic of NI’s atmosphere of exclusion and homophobia.

  13. Scopophilia says:

    More coverage of the Berlin Film Festival!

    Day 5 (Parde, Computer Chess, Concussion):

    Day 6 (Mes seances de lutte, Prince Avalanche, Baek Ya):

    Day 7 (Shoah, Art/Violence, Echolot) :

    Day 8 (Harmony Lessons, Habi, the Foreigner, Youth):

    Day 9 (Capturing Dad, Im not Dead, Rock the Casbah, The Art of Killing) :

    and my weekend links:

  14. This upcoming two other bloggers and I are hosting a three-day synchroblog called Feminisms Fest. The three of us decided to host this synchroblog because we’re tired of people using straw (wo)men arguments for what feminism is and isn’t online, especially in the Christian blogosphere. We will be discussing:

    Day 1: Feminism & Me. What is your experience with feminism? How do you define the term, either academically or personally? What writers have you read whose definitions you want to bring out? Or, if you don’t have a definition, what are some big questions you have?

    Day 2: Why Feminism Matters to Me. Why is feminism important to you? What are you concerned we’re not focusing on or we’re losing sight of when we talk about feminism? Why do you feel passionately about this topic?

    Day 3: What You Learned About Feminism. A wrap-up post on what you learned from others about feminism. What did you take away from the discussion? What blog posts did you find particularly helpful? What questions do you still have?

    Follow the hasthtag #femfest to check out the posts this week!

  15. Tori says:

    Coming Home — I had a guest author on my blog who wrote about returning to yoga and running after a long, depression-linked absence. [Additional notes for talk of suicide and talk of weight.]

    Is Pelvic Floor PT for Me? — Continuing my story with pelvic floor PT and addressing a common misconception that I hear — i.e., that pelvic floor PT is for people with incontinence and prolapse issues only. [Post includes a Gray’s drawing of pelvic floor muscles, which may not be safe for work.]

    Also, a quick note to spammers and another Sesame Street favorite.

  16. A NY mom hired a pair of strippers for her son’s 16th birthday party. She now faces jail time and the internet is hopping to her defense. What does that tell us about the way we teach boys about sex?

    Getting a graduate degree in the humanities is being called a risky move these days. They’re right, but studying rhetorical theory was better than any self-help book at helping me put my life back together after clinical depression.

  17. Friday was the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter. I explained what that’s about. (Hint: not a literal chair.)

    Thesis-blogging: Thoughts on Flanagan’s “Methods, Images, and Systematic Ecclesiology”.

  18. I had a quiet week this week. No great thinky thoughts.

    My son took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December. We got his results this week. And that may make it easier for him to get into the school he wants for next year: the university in Nagoya, Japan.

    I broke 100,000 words written for the year, and composed 7 blog posts for an upcoming blog tour. (You can win anything from an e-book of my newest title, to my entire backlist, simply by commenting on blog posts)

    My twelfth novel released. It requires a content note about the title, and flat-out sexism warnings about the opening page. (they behave this way for a reason that will become clear later)

  19. A. Lynn says:

    This week I wrote about Clive Davis calling Kelly Clarkson’s behavior hysterical in his book…

    …why I don’t agree that Lena Dunham is the voice of a generation

    …and the WORST metaphor ever

  20. Feminema says:

    Can we just get over the idea that women aren’t as ambitious as men?

    And on a lighter note, I hold forth about what should win at tonight’s Academy Awards ceremony — even as I admit I’m not putting any money down.

  21. A remembrance of my awesome, funny, irrepressible friend who died last week at age 96:

    Thanks! Happy Sunday!

  22. lt says:

    On Zadie Smith on Joni Mitchell, and whether it’s ever ok to say “women write like this . . . “:

  23. Jo says:

    Hello feministe readers! This week I wrote a critique of the ‘Live Below the Line’ Campaign and their advertising videos, and why I feel like it’s sending the wrong message and totally missing the point of living in poverty:

    And also a short post (well, rant) on people who say they were raped whenever they have a bad day at work: Rape is Rape, and not ‘I had a shitty day”. Seriously, is that really the word you want to use?

  24. I wrote a guest post for Captain Awkward this week, about coming out as trans to a family member.

  25. Over at Armed Venus:
    I talk about the downsides to arranged marriages, and the atonement of “Original Sin” in my Chapter 4 &5 Review of The Mists of Avalon

    And, it may have taken me awhile, but I finally broke up with the Walking Dead.

    And some older posts you might like:
    Pledge-A-Picket tells you how to help Planned Parenthood counteract the anti-choice protesters who hang around the building

    In Breaking Out The Big Guns, I get sick, depressed and stuck in the Delta Quadrant. Thank goodness Captain Janeway is here to guide me!

  26. Orbala says:

    I haven’t been blogging much lately, but my latest blog post was on pedophilia in mosques and other learning centers, or how Qur’an teachers molest children. Most Muslims already know this happens in many mosques and schools, but hardly anyone’s willing to talk about it.

  27. Damiane says:

    This week I reviewed Right Hand Magic, which starts to ask interesting questions about gentrification and then takes a hard left turn into really awkward appropriation. I *think* I did an okay job talking about the way the oppressed magical people’s struggle is a casual and ill-considered snagging of the dynamics of racism and prejudice, but if anyone wants to weigh in, I’d be happy to discuss/edit it.

  28. Nuclear Grrl says:

    I came across a terrible letter to the editor of a local New Jersey paper in which a woman was complaining about the NRC approving license renewals, claiming plants are unsafe, and demanding all nuclear plants be shut down (among some other nonsensical oddities). I decided to explain Nuclear Plant License Renewals.

  29. Anjasa says:

    Feminist Stuff:

    Rape Culture Part 1 – Infantalizing Women. I’m not entirely sure if what I was saying came through, but I’m totally for continual consent if that’s what someone wants in their relationship, but I also think we really need to recognize that it starts with educating and empowering people to be able to consent in the first place. I don’t like the idea that we’re putting the onus on the partner to be reading body language.

    Erotic Stuff:

    Does Writing Erotica Make You Aroused? – Short answer? Yes.

    A Son’s Devotion – Taboo Fantasy Erotica

  30. Kendall says:

    I wrote a piece (my first one on teh interwebz!) about why loose gun laws don’t protect women:

  31. Miriam says:

    Since this is shameless self-promotion Sunday, can I shamelessly self-promote my Indiegogo campaign to raise money for circus classes in Silicon Valley? It may seem weird to need more circus in the Bay Area, but there actually aren’t any circus classes outside of the East Bay and the city. Aerial arts were how I learned two things: that women CAN do push-ups no matter what the NY Times tries to tell you and that I myself, a slight waif of a person who had historically had no upper-body strength, could actually become really buff and strong with the right motivation and training.

    If any of you are in the South Bay, I will also shamelessly promote the classes themselves. I’ll be teaching beginner’s aerial fabric starting in March, and I just think it is so powerful for everyone–women and men–alike to learn how capable their bodies are of doing impossible feats. You can learn how to fly!

  32. Véronique says:

    Only one post in Fromage this week. The next isn’t quite done, but it starts by saying that I’m doing better than I was when I wrote this post.

    Acknowledging grief is about realizing that the loss of a pet can be quite as devastating as any seemingly more serious loss.

    • I just read your post, Veronique. All my sympathy – I’ve farewelled many beloved cats over the years. There’s no “only” about pets. They’re loving, individual beings, and the way humans demean them is sooo wrong. I wonder more about people who don’t mourn their pets.

  33. djiril says:

    I finally got this post on the 14th Child ballad done. It’s the English/Scottish variation of the ballad that inspired Ingmar Bergman’s movie “The Virgin Spring” and Wes Craven’s “The Last House on the Left.”

  34. New blog post: Mr K’s account of the Chalais conspiracy of 1626. We put it together in 2009 and I’ve reposted it.

    Plus, by way of contrast with the portraits from the time, one showing him now (wearing MY tee-shirt, the shameless tee-shirt thief).

  35. Wiley says:

    This week on DDP we talked about VAWA, Kink Conventions and why we engage in “unwinnable” fights on the internet!

  36. “Marry Me in Texas” (part 1) was “reprinted” from my blog & it’s the first in a series that The New Civil Rights Movement is running. Essentially, this was the beginning of my evil plan.

  37. Bianca James says:

    Ms Behaved ran a career-related interview with Golda Poretsky of Body Love Wellness blog today:

    my personal blog School for Scandal featured a piece on struggling with being a Public Health student while fat:

    and a self-reflective piece about bullying:

  38. Nine says:

    Damn, I’m late. But I wrote about the launch of my new zine, Sex Industry Apologist #2, and I’m taking direct orders for it (as well as reprints of SIA #1, and If Destroyed Still True #6: Iraqi Kurdistan Edition) until this Thursday:

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