Day: March 1, 2013

Not For Girls

Today, I picked up my daughter (who’s three and a half) from her preschool/daycare. Most days, I’m coming from work and I don’t have time to change before headed there, so I pick her up in my work clothes. Work…

Admin note: up down up down

Hi everybody – just a quick explanation for why you might be finding Feministe appearing and disappearing on your screens. There’s some sort of rogue back-up configuration on our server which keeps on generating ginormous back-up files which push us over our disk quota.

This is annoying to say the least, but sleuthing is occurring. I am hopeful that we can get the rotten box with das blinkenlights to play nice sooner rather than later.

Spillover #2

A red "Keep Calm" poster with the caption KEEP CALM AND STAY ON TOPIC

[This thread is now closed. A new spillover thread is available]
It’s time to set aside a second #spillover thread as a constructive space for tangential discussions which are off-topic on other threads. This is part of our blog netiquette, which has the general goal of making it as simple as possible for commentors to find discussions focussed on topics of particular interest without entirely stifling substantive tangents of sorta-related or general interest. #spillover is also a space for those perennial disagreements on premises and standpoints.