Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday Thursday

Promote yourself.

(Editor note:  Ooops on the scheduling button there! Nevermind.)

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18 Responses to Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday Thursday

  1. Sid says:

    Today’s Thursday.

    • BabyRaptor says:

      Yeah, I was confused. I’m on muscle relaxers right now, because back injury, but I didn’t think I’d just lost THAT many days…

  2. Elly says:

    Sunday on a Thursday. I like this new method of time keeping!

  3. On Thursday? Well, alrighty then. This week at Yes Means Yes Blog:

    A lot of people saw the screencapped exchange between the guy who sent a woman an unsolicited full-frontal nude pic of herhimself, and her response which was to track down his mom and send her the exchange. The unsolicited penis pic: the street harassment of the information superhighway. I wrote about that, in Hypothesis: The Purpose Of The Cockshot Is To Test Boundaries.

    • Fat Steve says:

      A lot of people saw the screencapped exchange between the guy who sent a woman an unsolicited full-frontal nude pic of herself, and her response which was to track down his mom and send her the exchange

      Do you mean ‘himself’ or am I not understanding? With all this Sunday being Thursday stuff, everything seems confusing.

  4. V.E. says:

    I wrote about my control issues, especially regarding food, in Omg no more food for liiiiiiife and then realized that I had moved away completely from my original intent.

    So, I wrote about my personal struggle with food, dieting, and weight maintenance in Weight and light.

    Warnings for mentions of eating disorders (not mine), self-loathing, and other “damn, women have to deal with a lot of body stuff”-type thoughts.

  5. delagar says:

    Wait, what….

    Okay, here’s my Thursday/Sunday promo!

    A post about why we we get tired of fighting the fight!

    “Well, if *I* Was A Lady Writer…” (about having to deal with sexism in the SF/F world one more time.)

  6. Tori says:

    Well, if it’s here, I’m going to be shameless and use it. ;)

    I continued my series on flying with chronic pain, this time looking at luggage and packing.

  7. Irrelevant feminist from the East says:

    I’m writing a somewhat-historical, somewhat-fantasy story that I’d like to turn into a graphic novel. It’s about an all-female team of awesome aviators working as flying ambulance pilots and healers during a long war. Inspired by real-life events and people, but with more weird flying machinery. I’d like to collaborate with an artist who can handle the illustration side of it.

    I don’t have a budget, as you might guess, so for now it would be entirely a side project born out of, erm, a combined love for geeky comics and feminist female centered stories, with a pretty lax production schedule. Though we could put it up for crowdfunding. If anybody is interested and has the skills, let me know.

  8. tigtog says:

    Oops, looks like a post scheduling glitch! I’ll just do a quick post-renaming, and we’ll pretend it was a plan.

  9. Miranda says:

    Why I’m tired of men complaining that they don’t want to hit women…in martial arts classes.

  10. tigtog says:

    Methinks ’tis time to update a ‘net classic

    The world needs a social justice version of John Baez’ classic simple method for rating potentially revolutionary contributions to physics AKA The Crackpot Index, to rate our never-ending “feedback” from troglodytes of assorted stripes who are convinced that not only are we Doin It Rong but that we deserve to be threatened into silence for daring to have an opinion in the first place.

    Please add your suggestions!

  11. I’m a feminist contemporary romance writer based out of Austin, Texas. Yes, wrap your brain around it. My goal is to drag this genre out of the dark ages one self-sufficient, forward-thinking heroine at a time. In my free time, I get myself in trouble on book blogs by opening my big mouth and saying things like, “I dunno … doesn’t that book kinda sorta foster rape culture?”

    I find writers who blog about “the craft” untenable, so I like to entertain by writing about funny, everyday stuff, like the gentle art of slacking.

    Nice to meet you all. J’adore this blog, BTW.

  12. Wiley says:

    Gonna take advantage as well!

    Sexism in co-ed Frisbee. Stoppit.

    Our most popular post to date, on why the fuck not to touch a black woman’s hair.

    Weighing in on HAES vs. personal control over your appearance.

    And just in case anybody missed it the last time, I drool all over Lindy West.

  13. Anna says:

    We posted in observance of Men’s Health Week and published the final installment in our series about the history of the birth control pill (betcha you’ll learn something new!).

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