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Jill began blogging for Feministe in 2005. She has since written as a weekly columnist for the Guardian newspaper and in April 2014 she was appointed as senior political writer for Cosmopolitan magazine.
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  1. Anna says:

    It’s Men’s Health Week (until the end of the day, anyway), and in observance of the occasion we wrote about penile skin lesions. Have a penis? Are you worried about any changes in appearance, such as bumps, blisters, spots, sores, warts, or rashes? Lesions can be caused by a variety of things, including infections and even cancer. Luckily, they are usually easy to treat. Learn more!

    * * *

    Decades ago, more than 10 tons of an inedible yam were harvested in tropical Mexico every week! Why, you ask? The yams were a source of valuable chemicals, and served as raw material for hormonal birth control pills! Read about the people whose hard manual labor was the powerhouse behind Mexico’s steroid industry, which fueled the production of game-changing pharmaceuticals like birth control pills and cortisone. Some say their labor was exploited.

  2. Nancy Green says:

    The press did not tell the whole story of Lenora Ivie Frago, shot for refusing sex to Ezekiel Gilbert and keeping the money. Seven months slowly dying on a ventilator. This is a reality too shocking for a country that likes justice simple and deaths clean.
    Good Man With a Gun Found Innocent–Texas Pays

  3. scopophilia says:
  4. Kathy says:

    I wrote a brief post about next month’s Camp NaNoWriMo, and why I think it can be useful for writers who have trouble motivating themselves.

  5. By any reasonable measure, saying working moms ruined education is not only cruel, it’s also downright false.

    According to some outside observers, I’m not a “real” feminist, runner, teacher, or mother. At least I’m a real person.

    Do I really want an obedient toddler?

    I’m over at All Things Beautiful talking about the importance of Loving Day to me as a woman in an interracial marriage.

  6. Nine says:

    Criminalising the purchase of sex is back on the agenda in Scotland. I wrote a post this week for Bright Green on the recently published consultation summary and some of the many things wrong with it.

  7. Tori says:

    I posted the second and third installments of my series on flying with chronic pain — on packing and on self-care at flight time.

    And a links post where folks are welcome to self-promote as well.

  8. Tori says:

    I posted the second and third installments of my series on flying with chronic pain — on packing and on self-care at flight time.

  9. Damiane says:

    This week I reviewed Icons, the new sci-fi release by the co-author of Beautiful Creatures– it’s interesting and may end up getting attention, but it’s clumsily paced and doesn’t use these characters to their full potential.

    I also reviewed Prince of Thorns, which is dark as hell but a definite shift away from predictable fantasy tropes.

  10. CN: Explicit same sex romance, BDSM discussion and excerpt

    I joined the Marketing For Romance Writers Rainbow Blog Hop.
    My post is ” Kink in Spaaaaace.” There is a chance to win the novel, and a link to a free excerpt book with bits from all the bloghoppers.

    CN: impolitic use of the word “porn”

    I also blogged about Pinterest, and why it’s dangerous, at least to my wallet.

  11. Iain (M) Banks and grief for those we’ve never met
    Finding a space to express sadness over the loss of the many people who, although we’ve never spoken to them, influence us immensely. And why it is okay to be sad.

    Absolut’s new Pride video
    A really wonderful, well-made, touching video asking many of Dublin’s most influential white, middle-class, cisgender, abled, monosexual gays what Pride means to them. Yeaaaah.

    I like people. People are cool.
    I can forget sometimes that people are, in general, generous and kind. Then I fell off my bike. People are great, y’know?

    Gender Recognition, Intolerance in Ireland, and Food Poverty.
    News roundup! Got anything to add?

  12. This week at Yes Means Yes Blog:

    Australian Army Chief Of Staff Gen. Morrison issues a stirring call to action for equality and against workplace sexual harassment. I write briefly about it, but I also have a full transcript for anyone who can’t listen or would rather read.

    I wrote at some length about the guy in Texas who murdered Lenora Frago and got away with it because juries hate sex workers. There are some good posts about this on by-and-for sex worker sites, some of which I link.

    By now, a lot of people here will have seen a link to my post about the guy who sent an unsolicited penis picture to a woman he didn’t know. I take the position that this is predatory boundary testing.

  13. delagar says:

    Over at delagar, I wrote about a Pride Event in Fort Smith, hosted by our own River Valley Equality Center, at which I spoke about teaching LGBT literature in the Bible Belt: “Pride In Arkansas.”

  14. Anna P says:

    This is also the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

    • tigtog says:

      Anna P, I have deleted your previous posts in this thread because they are not abiding by the post parameters. Please link to writing of your own (SELF-promotion) elsewhere online rather than reproducing the whole body of text in comments here.

  15. Becky says:

    “Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.”: Being vulnerable can be scary. We take a risk when we share ourselves fully – we risk rejection, ridicule, embarrassment. But there is a huge reward in allowing ourselves to be enough. To being who we are and connecting fully with others. So go ahead, happy bodies, and Be Brave!

  16. Nuclear Grrl says:

    I know it’s controversial: but I’ve finally laid out my reasons for opposing providing abortions for free: The Prochoice Case Against Free Abortion.

  17. Following the manner in which our female Prime Minister was treated in the last week, I feel like it’s becoming harder and harder to say it’s not because of gender she’s being targetted. Here’s my post:

  18. I shared an abstract I wrote for this year’s upcoming Feminist Art History conference in Washington DC – and a little on why I’m so excited to research and write more on the amazing Women’s Domestic Needlework Collective.

    Extra excited about this as I just recently got the acceptance email from the organisers!! Hello America. I’ll be visiting soon. :)

    No Goddesses, No Mistresses: A tactile history of the Australian Women’s Domestic Needlework Group

  19. SOWTW says:

    [Comment redacted in its entirety for holy shit, how did that even get through? Jesus Christ. – Mod]

    • Well, I thought that was racist even before I clicked over to the site, but the site itself seems to be… a rant against white women in favour of “petite sexy submissive” Asian women.

      We need a giraffe here. We may need a whole bunch of giraffes.

      [Moderator Note: thank you for sending a giraffe alert]

    • Donna L says:

      My God. The only amusing part is the revelatory typo — in extolling “East Asian” women, the disgusting person who created this fetid cesspool accidentally (I assume) typed “East Aryan.”

    • Librarygoose says:

      Whoa. Yeah, we need a giraffe here.

      [Moderator Note: thank you for sending a giraffe alert]

    • tigtog says:

      I’m the one who let that through moderation initially. I blame my headcold for the branefail. Sorry about that, everyone.

  20. Michelle says:

    Easy Sunday Reading #2!

    This is one of those pieces that invades your thoughts never to leave your mind the same. Scientists unlock the secrets of willpower, bestowing it with a sensible modern face. No longer some vague transcendental quality anchoring the moral universe within us, willpower is simply “a finite store of mental energy.” Used for exerting self-control, it is exhausted as we go about our day making decisions from the mundane to the major. And it is glucose, not personal character, that is central to its constitution.

    Research like this goes a long way in illuminating ordinary social reality, and how human biology and behavior intersects with and is exploited by powerful interests. The knowledge and insights here are the kind that open you up to not only your own experiences but to the experiences of others. It’s an honest and edifying attempt at understanding the world, and why I need doughnuts and The Daily Mail on a daily basis: Continue Reading.

  21. Mother X says:

    Finally, I restarted my blog about the nightmare I’ve been living over the last five years while trying to get help for my daughter. It’s called The Notebooks of Mother X. Last week I posted “All Kinds of Ways to Lose a Child.”

  22. Wiley says:

    I guest post on DDP for Father’s Day.

  23. Alcharisi says:

    After an age, I’m finally back on State of Formation with a rather scathing book review: “Virtue is its Own Reward: Why Michael Pollan’s ‘Cooked’ is a Religious Text.”

  24. Shigekuni says:

    I reviewed

  25. Mariucel says:

    I reviewed

  26. Miranda says:

    Just another day in a male dominated sport: I complain that one of my temporary tae kwon do coaches is making inappropriate innuendo and unprofessionally flirting with students.

  27. I’ve done a new blog post – not much to read, but three pictures I made (one tonight) and am very pleased with.

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