Reluctantly wading into the HSewer again: for the record

[This post has been edited to improve clarity since it was first published.]

I’d rather be worming a skunk than writing this post, but just because the femmosphere collectively has HS-fatigue would be no excuse for not calling for the same thing we’d be calling for if it was any other professorinstructor at any other teaching institution who had disclosed this about his own actions.

What’s this disclosure, you may ask? It’s that despite claims of current monogamy, Hugo Schwyzer Was Sleeping With His Students All Along:

Schwyzer admitted that a pseudonymous accusation posted on Tumblr a few days ago was true, and that he has been conducting sexual relationships with students for more than five years


Schwyzer says his admission that he slept with multiple students who were enrolled in his classes will likely “be a factor in discussions about my future” at Pasadena City College. But it should be more than a factor. It should be decisive.

To have sex with your students is a profound violation of your moral, ethical, and pedagogical obligations to them. At PCC, where Schwyzer teaches, it is also a direct violation of college policy.

Today’s revelations make it abundantly clear, if it wasn’t before, that there is no place for Schwyzer in the classroom. Not now. Not ever.

Schwyzer should resign from PCC immediately. If he refuses to resign, he should be fired. Period.

Seconded, Thirded, and Infinitied. For the record.

Angus is continuing to update his post as more information comes in, but at this point it looks like PCC is seriously considering firing HS, HS is giving no indication of any willingness to resign, and talks about fighting the college if they attempt to fire him.

One other point: It could be a matter of selective editing or poor questioning, but although Schwyzer says in the [Pasadena Star News] article that he regrets the “fraud and hypocrisy” involved in his writing in opposition to age-disparate sexual relationships while he was engaged in such relationships himself, and though he describes himself as “a terrible male feminist” who “damaged the brand of male feminism,” he never addresses the specific moral or ethical implications of his repeated use of his students for sex.

N.B. because certain counterfactual claims keep on coming up about the past relationship between HS and Feministe, let’s reiterate the facts [eta: regarding those particular claims]:
[this section has been edited (and edited again) for further clarification]

  • CLAIM: HS was a frequent contributor of posts on Feministe.
    FALSE: HS has never published a post, not even a guest post, on Feministe. His work has been occasionally linked to and/or quoted by Feministe authors, although not for many years (other than one notorious time as detailed below).
  • CLAIM: HS’s work was frequently linked/promoted on Feministe in recent years.
    FALSE: Since 2008, there have only been 2 posts on Feministe in which HS was mentioned positively. Until Clarisse Thorn posted an interview with him in December 2011, HS had not been mentioned in any post on Feministe since a single post in January 2009, which itself was the first time HS had been mentioned in a post since August 2008.
  • CLAIM: HS has continued to be actively supported by Feministe since 2011.
    FALSE: Apart from Clarisse’s interview, HS has largely been ignored by Feministe since 2008. His right to comment on posts did remain until December 2011. Following the many complaints prompted by her interview post, Clarisse decided to stop blogging here and then HS became the first commentor to ever be fully banned by Feministe (moderation policy with respect to banning rather than just permamodding disruptive commentors has evolved and been applied more often in years since).

Last month’s #solidarityisforwhitewomen posts dealt with accountability for Feministe’s failure to be more critical of HS when he was using his internet authority to trash the reputation of WOC-bloggers. Those threads are still open for further comment, but comments will be closed on this post, because various anti-feminists are doing the happy dance about HS crapping all over feminism, and I don’t have time or energy for their triumphalist crowing.

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