Day: September 11, 2013

Selfless Signal-Boosting Wednesday

This thread is for links to pieces on other people’s blogs that you have found delightful/memorable/provoking recently (they can be older posts, just something you’ve found recently relevant). Please save the self-promotion links for a Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday thread – use this thread to let Feministe readers know about the other blogs you love to read, especially those on the margins of the mainstream social justice communities, who tend to not get as much exposure as they should.

Don’t make apologetics if you don’t want to be called an apologist

[Content note: links to material discussing rape culture, victim blaming, rape myths, sexual harassment]

There’s a fellow over at Jason Thibeault’s blog who haz a sad because he felt singled out by mention of how nice it might be to have an Index of Rape-Apologist Claims for easy reference. This is happening on a post which is part of the continuing sexism and misogyny fallout in the skeptical and secular communities, ever since Rebecca Watson said “Guys, don’t do that”, in case you weren’t already aware that that particular cyberstorm is still raging on.