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About Jill

Jill began blogging for Feministe in 2005. She has since written as a weekly columnist for the Guardian newspaper and in April 2014 she was appointed as senior political writer for Cosmopolitan magazine.
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36 Responses to Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

  1. I was featured in an interview about “having it all” on Busy Since Birth.

    I featured a guest post on my blog about how pregnancy can sometimes lead to the rekindling of dormant feminist views.

    I enjoyed a really nice run this week . . . until I was catcalled right into feeling horrible. Why do people do this?

  2. Femocracy says:

    Following the body-snarking pins about Hillary Clinton, I wrote about why the GOP has a serious woman problem (content note for rape.)

    I also wrote about how the bishops are back for your birth control, this time with the government shutdown; that New York City must fix its Human Rights Law after a judge ruled unpaid interns aren’t protected from sexual harassment; and why California expanding access to abortion matters nationally.

  3. Kristin says:

    Seattle Public Schools is changing its school boundaries right now to address capacity shortages and meet future needs. Are these changes happening equitably?

    Racial Segregation of Schools in the 21st Century

  4. This week’s Female Gaze Friday features collage of the male nude by Anya Lsk.

  5. Hannah says:

    On his daughter’s new boyfriend: “he’s a good guy. I mean, he’d have to be, to look past the wheelchair, wouldn’t he?” True story.

  6. BroadBlogs says:

    I wrote a post called “How To Suppress A Woman’s Desire.”

    Interestingly this is a repost, and I got a lot more hits with that title than the first time around, when I’d called it “Sexual Desire & Sexism”:

    Also did a post on Debt Ceiling 101: “Credit Bill Too High? Don’t Pay!”

    • Thalictri says:

      Gender essentialist, much? I don’t know if I’m missing something here, but I’ve known enough people of assorted genders that do a mixture of both or neither of these behaviours whilst in relationships.

      • Ashley says:

        You are right, I never intended on implying that there aren’t men or women who don’t do any of these or a mixture of these. The list I made was a generalization based on my own personal experiences and observations.

  7. Debbi says:

    This week on Kiss My Wonder Woman…

    Strong Female Character Friday with Dollhouse’s Adelle DeWitt
    More of Pilot Season (New Show Reviews)

    Also, KMWW is hosting the first incarnation of the Pop Justice blog carnival on October 31. This month’s topic is Monstrous Metaphors – monsters as metaphors for social problems. Submissions are open, and due by October 25 – for more info, see this page.

  8. Sunil says:

    I wrote this to combat the really bad analogies used when blaming women for male violence – “If you leave your laptop in your car” etc. And also to describe victim blaming in general – what we mean by blame and responsibility, what are the psychological causes of victim blaming, and why victim blaming is wrong in general.
    Arguments From Analogy in Victim Blaming

  9. J. Isabel says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m a second year teacher and critical thinker. This is a chronicle of my teaching experiences as well as thoughts on education in general. It’s updated weekly on Sundays (usually).

  10. Responding to a stupid sportswriter and his worn-out “yokel” jokes about the Midwest…..also, kitten:

  11. Tori says:

    Unpossible — It’s almost a year since I got married, and I’m still getting reactions like this to my name.

    Dear Troll [CN: fat hate, death wishes] — Deconstructing a “lovely” comment that someone was brave enough to leave me anonymously.

  12. I was reminded of a certain well-known feminist tagline while engaging with some criticism of Pope Francis’ openness, and riffed on it for my post title: Your Christianity will be Personal, or it will be Bullshit.

    And on a lighter note, some Randomly Encountered Catholic Humor.

  13. Jess says:

    A gay couple were targets of a hate-crime this week in Pittsburgh. Frequent writer Brenden is friends with one of the victims, and wrote about the bad and good ways to respond when you hear about a hate crime.
    After a Hate Crime: What to Say, What Not to Say

    And I wrote about the ways we as women can unconsciously undermine our own self-worth with certain common verbal ticks– constantly saying “sorry” for no reason, or “Does that make sense?” after sharing our ideas.
    Yes, You Do Make Sense. No, You’re Not Sorry.
    (One of my favorite things I’ve written in a while. I would love if you read, shared, and commented!)

  14. Véronique says:

    It’s been so long since I posted that I don’t even remember when the last time was. Most of that was because I was neglecting Fromage (the blog, not cheese). And most of that was because I was busy with various and sundry things, many of which had to do with recording and releasing the new Lisa’s Hotcakes EP, Hotter.

    I posted Home queer home about the 25th Vancouver Queer Film Festival and how volunteering and attending made me feel very much at home.

    I posted Twice as nice on Bisexual Pride Day.

    Not sure quite why I wrote Serenely raging, but it has to do with the Serenity Prayer and not accepting the unacceptable and probably about my big-zero birthday coming up in a few months.

    And I wrote a series of posts about the Hotter EP and each of its songs, starting with The sum of its parts.

    Guess I’m back in the blogging business.

  15. I wrote a long essay on rape culture, in response to a few different things that have crossed my radar recently. Content notes: rape, child abuse, explicit and hateful victim-blaming, purity culture.

  16. Sue says:

    Sadly, Pittsburgh was the site of a hate crime against two gay men. I wrote about the incident and linked to a planned rally as well as photos from the rally. Content notes: gay slurs, photo of one survivor with facial injuries, description of physical violence.

    Along a different line, I posted an interview with the history of Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ Community Center – the GLCC. Content notes: some references to gay bashing and discrimination

    Thank you for reading.


  17. I’ve been fairly ill most of the week. So my post about Gay Pride will be delayed until my head isn’t hurting.
    I reblogged J. Michael Straczynski’s Still in the 60s. It says everything I’ve been saying for years.

    And the Sunday Sweet this week is a copy of Alive on the Inside. Warning: lots of creepy pics. And AotI itself is not a horror novel for the faint of heart. There’s all the daily Halloween stuff too.

  18. FYouMudFlaps says:

    In some rare good news on this front, the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) crowned their first trans* homecoming queen.

  19. I have written about a homeless man who disrupted Worship at my Quaker Meeting and the ways we reacted to it. How do we see that of God, or if you prefer, goodness, in those who oppose us?

  20. mk says:

    I’m pretty proud of myself for actually posting two posts in a single post, but I’ll just link to the first: how annoying it is that people are constantly trying to figure out my “real” name.

  21. mk says:

    I’m pretty proud of myself for actually posting two posts in a single week, but I’ll just link to the first: how annoying it is that people are constantly trying to figure out my “real” name.

  22. Damiane says:

    This week I reviewed Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings, the best bloody-enormous-doorstop of a fantasy novel I’ve read in a while.

  23. Ross Wolfe says:

    I published a post on women’s liberation in non-Western contexts, including texts from 1921-1923 by Bolshevik revolutionary leaders such as Aleksandra Kollontai, Louise Bryant, and Marie Vaillant-Couturier.

    The Kollontai article, my own translation, is now available in English for the first time.

  24. I posed a question, how do you define feminism? It is the first question I’m asking as part of “Two Way Hump Day.” I’m doing it each Wednesday so I can interact with my readers and see what they have to say about the topics on which I’m writing. Write a response to partake in “Two Way Hump Day!”

  25. Women’s Rights Global draws attention to under-reported women’s rights news.
    Take a look!

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