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NB: this thread will cover two Sundays over the holiday period.

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Jill began blogging for Feministe in 2005. She has since written as a weekly columnist for the Guardian newspaper and in April 2014 she was appointed as senior political writer for Cosmopolitan magazine.
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33 Responses to Shameless Self-Promotion Sundays

  1. Anna says:

    Gardasil has reduced incidence of HPV infections and genital warts. But with so many rumors about side effects flying around, what should you believe? Find out what the science has to say — multiple studies have followed hundreds of thousands of Gardasil recipients over time, and side effects are found to be rare and minor. For example, in one study, just 0.0001% of vaccine recipients fainted after the shot. With such an important tool at our disposal, it’s important to be informed!

  2. socbaker says:

    Human with Uterus: new posts this week on gendered breast milk and blaming women for pregnancy outcomes. Read more here.

  3. Heather says:

    Check out a last-minute feminist gift guide (for all of us last-minute feminists!)

  4. I wrote I believe in fashion: about fashion as resistance, visibility, and everyday art (and about the elitism and class privilege of people who think everyone should buy $600 pieces of clothing).

  5. Kristin says:

    This week we found out that the state had agreed to hand over all kinds of confidential data to our local newspaper, so they could get grant money from a nonprofit funded by our local billionaire to help further his political goals. These are strange times to raise children. I talk about some of the ramifications on the Aqueduct Press blog.

  6. Avital Raz says:

    Here is a provocative song of peace (by an Israeli woman) All earnings from the release are going to an anti aparthied palestinian organization. In this time of hatred and racism please watch and share

  7. Ashley says:

    I posted about the new documentary to be out next year, The Mask You Live In, A Documentary On American Masculinity

  8. rimonim says:

    Negotiating Male Privilege. I have male privilege, and there is no opting out. What’s a man to do?

    Good Things About Beings Trans* — I have a unique personal style. What are some good things about being trans*?

  9. BroadBlogs says:

    Some have already looked at feminist flaws in “Frozen.” In this piece I look at how the evolution of Disney Princesses reflect evolved notions of women in sisters, Anna and Elsa. (Spoiler alert!)

    Frozen Hearts Thaw, Grow Empowered

  10. ninjanurse says:

    Uganda is not so far away. American ‘evangelists’ and politicians have been working there for years to legalize the persecution of gay people. It can’t happen here- yet, but if it does the testing ground is Africa. Remember David Kato–
    American Evangelists Helped Form Uganda Anti-Gay Law

  11. ninjanurse says:

    Why does a beard and folksy accent kill Republican brain cells? Why do they get so warm and fuzzy over fake ‘real folks’? Read the story of Papa Pilgrim, an evil con man who staked a claim in Sarah Palin’s Alaska…

    Could Do Worse Than Duck Dynasty

  12. delagar says:

    Over at delagar this week, I discussed a mean-spirited review of the work of two award-winningSF/F writers, Sandra McDonald and Rachel Swirsky. Dave Truesdale attacked their stories in this month’s issue of Apex for being too feminist, or not ladylike, or something. My post here: “How Not To Do Criticism.”

    I also discuss, briefly, my new gig writing for Skepchick, here.

  13. Sue says:

    I came out about my social anxiety. Actually, I probably will be staying in, but I’m willing to talk about it.

    One of my most popular posts ever (among gay men) explores the highly anticipated return of openly gay Lucas Jones to General Hospital.

    The agony of air kissing and faux politeness.

    CN: Transphobia – Finally, a local columnist uses the word transvestite to make a joke about Sochi. #fail

  14. Tori says:

    Students & SNAP — On how the food stamp reductions are playing out in my classroom.

    I’m also starting a new neck and shoulders anatomy series.

  15. I wrote about the context and language in Mary’s Magnificat, which many of us sang in church today (along with an invitation to share recordings of the version you sang).

    Over at Are you Catholic? Did you Know?, this week’s topic is Christmas is a season…that begins on Christmas Day. Read, share, & vote in the poll.

  16. Debbi says:

    This week (by which I mean these past few weeks because I’ve been busy and haven’t posted here in a while – hello everyone!) on Kiss My Wonder Woman:

    Why I Don’t Watch American Horror Story
    A Manifesto, or, I Refuse to Apologize for Caring About Stories
    Accidentally Racist Is Still Racist on Almost Human
    The Importance of Unexceptionalism in Protector of the Small
    In Buffy, Life’s the Big Bad, and That’s Good
    Why I Hate Disney’s Pocahontas
    Smacking Down Imperialism and Staying Classy with Tricksters

    And Strong Female Character Friday with Tally Youngblood and Don’t Trust the B*s Chloe

    Tune in this week for reviews of Frozen, Love Actually, Charlie Brown Christmas, and more!

  17. I caved and bought my three-year-old daughter a LeapPad for Christmas, and it has me thinking about language, technology, and parenting.

  18. My content is minimal and religious (pagan) in nature.

    Religious: We did a charmblessing on my oldest son who is going into the military.

    I celebrated the Solstice.

    I’m giving away books for Yule.

  19. Véronique says:

    Looking at tweets that used #MeninistTwitter, I realized that intersectionality probably means that some men experience much more privilege than others, yet the less privileged lash out at women rather than at the men who actually oppress them. I wrote Underprivileged men about this.

  20. Jem says:

    Another couple of pieces from me on “integrity” when writing and reading, esp on the Internet:

    Bad Faith and a Devil’s Advocate – on specific tropes that are used to shut down debate

    Hate Reading and Bad Romance – on ways of reading which do the same thing

  21. FYouMudFlaps says:

    Luxe Photo is a kickass wedding photography service in the NYC area. Very supportive of marriage equality.

  22. Divine Oubliette says:

    Hiya ya’ll Divine Oubliette here, I’m trying to promote myself but need a new platform to do so, if anyone knows where I can post my abortion assistance info (judicial bypasses, herbal techniques, clinic funding etc), please let me know!

    Ps – Yahoo Answers platform just isn’t reaching enough people and I spend too much time replying to individual emails/questions, I’d like somewhere I can post ALL of this info.

  23. Sophia says:

    Hey! A little while back I wrote an article about “The Differences Between The Genders“, proposing a model that is neither essentialist nor blank-slate, but incorporating aspects of both. It’s heavily informed by feminism and my experience as a trans woman.

    My site in general also has a lot of articles which explore the intersection between trans and feminism, as well as other social justice issues and beyond.

  24. vinita says:
    My blog today on women and technology. I want lots of insights, comments.

  25. Leigh says:

    This past week was Child and Teenage Girl Protagonist Theme Week at Bitch Flicks.

    Here is a roundup of all of the posts, which include reviews and analyses of My So-Called Life, Lisa Simpson, Sucker Punch, Teeth, “Girl Gangs,” Kiki’s Delivery Service, Sixteen Candles, The Piano, Princess Mononoke, and more.

  26. BroadBlogs says:

    Sometimes women consent to sex when they aren’t especially interested or in the mood, or even when they are repelled. Here’s some research on how it affects women, depending on context.

    Saying Yes When You Want To Say No

    Should You Have Sex If You’re Not That Into It?

  27. Nuclear Grrl says:

    I tire of tiptoeing about: Enter The Fragile Ego – No Bubble!. Let’s talk seriously already!

  28. Mother X says:

    “I made myself stare at the screen as if the addictive magic of TV might eventually work. I tried hard to lose myself again in Alias—the unlikely action series that couldn’t be farther from my life. Watching Sydney fight to dismantle SD-6 was no longer satisfying given the reality that I was trying to ignore for two hours: nothing had changed.”

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