Because We Need It: The gentlelady from California reclaims her time

Representative Maxine Waters (D-California) is well known for her firm and outspoken views, even more so since Donald Trump emerged as a presidential contender. Most recently, she’s been celebrated for her interaction with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin during his testimony in front of the House Financial Services Committee. Mnuchin made it clear from the beginning that he was going to provide meaningless drivel in place of real answers, and Rep. Waters made it clear that she knew exactly what he was doing and that she literally didn’t have time for that.

To start, I want to highlight a moment that I feel has been underappreciated: When Mnuchin started by effusively thanking Rep. Waters for her service to the state of California and blah, blah, blah, how long can I string this out, she interrupted his accolades with, “Thank you very much, I don’t want to take my time listening to how great I am.”

Shortly thereafter, as he persistently bloviated instead of answering her question about why he never replied to an email she sent regarding the Russia investigation, she calmly and repeatedly let him know that if he was going to pull that shit, it wasn’t going to be on her precious and limited time.

Southerners have long known that Bless your heart is a charming alternative to Bite my ass. Now Rep. Waters brings the world Reclaiming my time — an inarguably polite way of saying If you’re not going to bring me anything but bullshit, I’m not going to waste my time listening to it.

Or in other words, Bite my ass.