Because We Need It: YOU DON’T.

Painting of a Victorian girl on a train with a man leaning over the back of the seat, trying to talk to her as she stares ahead, obviously annoyed; with noise-cancelling headphones Photoshopped onto the girl

How do you start a convo with an obviously annoyed Victorian girl on a train when they have headphones on? (Image credit @somegreybloke/Bertholde Wotlze)

You know how the world sucks, and everything is bad, and the U.S. president seems to be really trying to start a nuclear war, like a kid in middle school who talks big to show off to his friends but doesn’t realize that the other kid he’s messing with is dead serious when he talks about beating the crap out of the first kid, except with nuclear weapons? And the tech community is all “but what if women really are genetically bad at software” and women in said community are all “but no” and the community is all “hush woman, [DEATH THREAT]?” Well, here’s a guy on Twitter asking how to hit on a woman in the gym whose headphones should be an obvious sign that she DOES NOT WANT YOU TO DO THAT.

That’s not what we need, obviously. We have plenty of that. Nor do we need more of a thread that’s 75 percent women saying NO, DO NOT DO THAT and 25 percent men workshopping suggestions of how to do that. But we do need this.

Totally with you. Totally. With you.

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  1. August 23, 2017 at 8:34 pm

    Probably related to an arsehat video doing the rounds last year. Discussed at length on Pharyngula at the time.

    Also to save any other bloggers time & energy, I suggest adding the handle “mintyturdsanwhich” to your spambucket filter. Since we’re talking about obvious signals and such.

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