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Betty Friedan just died.

This has been an awful week for losing brilliant women. (And thanks, Marian, for letting us know in comments. I can’t imagine this being OT.) Margalit Fox of the New York Times says it as well as I could: Betty … Continue reading

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Have you heard of Jocelyn Wildenstein? She’s had a lot of work done. (Note: the links are frightening, and maybe not work safe.) Flea had a mocking entry on her blog about la Wildenstein, with lots of ridicule and disgust … Continue reading

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Saturation Point

…Is it just me, or is every show currently on the air a formulaic crime drama? These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head: Law & Order: Original Flavor Law & Order: Now … Continue reading

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“Nobody is begrudging him his dick.”

That quote comes from a discussion between friends of this letter to the editor about ftms interacting sexually with gay men (the first one), which is in response to this article. You might want to read the article first.

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Friday Cat Eulogizing

There won’t be many cat pictures after all. We put her to sleep this morning.

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I’m the second mystery blogger. I wish I could promise that this is the last delayed post, but I’m not blessed with much free time. Plus, it’s much harder to write a post than to snark in comments. I would … Continue reading

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