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Millennials and Economic Justice

I’m a millennial. I’m a recent college graduate—no matter how much more established colleagues in their late twenties and early thirties say, “I know how hard it is to be a recent grad” or an MSNBC (or any other news … Continue reading

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Women and Emotional Vulnerability

TRIGGER WARNING: A jackass in the comments section brings up date rape in an extremely uncouth and tasteless manner. Tonight I’m writing about something inspired by a conversation I had with someone I work with. He’s the type of straight … Continue reading

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I Heart Hamas (and Other Things I’m Afraid To Tell You)

I was 16 when I first became aPro Palestine activist, when after growing up in an area with few other Arab Americans outside of my family, I went to an event commemorating Al Nakba, the mass expulsion of the Palestinians … Continue reading

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Sex, Lies and Fetishizing Race

I was gchatting with a friend this weekend—we were talking about making controversial points, and the importance of making them anyway. We were talking about telling stories of communities of color into the often white myopia of academic feminism. This … Continue reading

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And now, a picture

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Choice: It’s None of Your Business

It’s that age. I have one friend who is hosting her baby shower. I have another friend who is waiting at an abortion clinic. Another friend—of the friend who is having a baby—just bought a pink blanket with baby elephants … Continue reading

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The Supremes at Dr. King’s Funeral

Happy Friday! Since I’m a little drained from the week, and you’re probably a little drained from the week, I’ll leave you with a beautiful photo. It’s the Supremes at Dr. King’s funeral.

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On Being A Good Lebanese Girl

Or a good Greek girl. Or a good Indian girl. Or a good Mexican girl. Or a good any-ethnicity-that-has-ever-been-shoved-down-your-throat-ever girl. I want you to meet Charlie. Charlie and I met each other just a little over a year ago—but I … Continue reading

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My Views On National Security As A Seventh Grader, and How it Took A Social Movement to Make Me Proud to Be An American

America. Baby, it’s complicated. But like all complicated relationships, underneath it all, I love you. It wasn’t always like this. We’ve been on quite a journey. It started when I was eleven—my first week of Middle School. I heard my … Continue reading

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What Doesn’t Belong? Or, that Awkward Vacant Condominium on My Block.

I live on a funny little street corner in Brooklyn. If you walk in one direction, there is Greenpoint—filled with Polish bakeries and businesses, and perhaps one of my favorite shop signs in all of New York City. In another … Continue reading

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Hello! Thanks for Having Me.

Hi There! For those who don’t know me already, I’m Anna–or perhaps my nom du tweet, @agoodcuppa. I am a writer (no way, the guest blogger is a writer!), a social justice activist and rabbel rouser, and an unapologetic feminist … Continue reading

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