links for 8/17/2011

A great post about how transmisogyny is misogyny against all women. If you are telling trans women they can’t be women, you’re telling every woman on the planet she can’t be whatever she wants. That doesn’t sound very feminist to me. It sounds more like something a pipe smoking white guy from the 50s would […] more

links for 7-8-2011

AlJazeera recently published this article lamenting the fact that more women politicians don’t identify as feminists. Flavia over at Tigerbeatdown goes into the nuances about why the AlJazeera article misses some crucial points. In Latin America, or at least in many parts of Latin America, feminism is a very disliked topic and, not for the […] more

links for 28-7-2011

In Arkansas, as high school decided having a black girl as their valedictorian would be too controversial, SO THEY APPOINTED A WHITE CO- VALEDICTORIAN. This is actually so ridiculous I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Amy Winehouse passed away this week, which is sad, because she was a human being, and a very […] more

links for 21-7-2011

A must read piece on the harmful policies affecting women living in poverty in america. Police crack downs on immigrant communities in Spain have been met with protests, cop watches and community resistance. In Indiana, a man was turned away from donating blood because apparently he “looked gay”. Yeah. The man identifies as straight, but […] more

links for 15-7-2011

Hey folks! Apologies for my long absence- I have had the world’s worst flu, but thanks to a team of vitamins and orange juice, I’ve kicked it in the pants! Now for some linkage, since it’s been so long. Thailand voted in their first woman prime minister, but some of the Thai feminist community remains […] more

On colonial holidays

This weekend marked celebrations of nationalism all across Turtle Island, with canada day on july 1st and independence day today. But while we enjoy a long weekend, bbqs and fireworks, we must recognize the expense that was paid by the Indigenous peoples of this continent for us to enjoy such revelries. We must remember that […] more

Rain on my Pride Parade

On Sunday I went to my first ever Pride Parade in new york city, an experience that began with sunshine and happiness, and ended in frustration and blistered heels. I’ve been to and participated in Pride Parades and events when I was living on Coast Salish Land in vancouver, so I have seen how a […] more

links for 29-6-2011

This Swedish school is awesome. Over at Tigerbeatdown, s.e. smith writes a sobering piece on why the increasing corporatization of education in america means that graduate’s degrees mean less and less for a financially secure future. A young Muslim woman has won her suit against abercrombie and fitch after she was fired for not removing […] more

links for 20-6-2011

Father’s Day was yesterday! Did you celebrate it with meat? Meat is very manly. Or perhaps you just purchased your father a very manly card, praising his manly familial-providing… ness. But seriously, thank you to all the fathers, mothers, parents, guardians, grandparents, mentors, siblings etc, who make a positive difference in our growth. I’m sure […] more

links for 9-6-2011

In Canada,the Supreme Court ruled against the idea that an unconscious woman can give “advanced consent”. However, it was not a unanimous decision, as three of the judges thought this: The three dissenting justices argued that it would further women’s right to autonomy to create a new doctrine of “advance consent,” so that unconscious women […] more