Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Here are some things I learned: Don’t try to guest blog if you are not going to be sitting around a computer a lot. I did all these awesome projects with you and you all said so many interesting things and then I was off in outer space aka clown school or my grandma’s house […] more

today I am thinking about: MIGRATORY CONSENT

My grandparent (my granddad) and great-grandparents came to America in the 1910s and 1920s. They all came from parts of Russia and the Ukraine, as far as I know. They left because there were better opportunities in America; they left because things weren’t great for the Jews. They probably had some choice in the matter, […] more


Because you evidently can’t put pictures in comments, I wanted to do a roundup. Post yours and I’ll edit this post to include it! This is my contribution: moar funny pictures This is Felicity’s: moar funny pictures This is gudbuytjane’s: These are chava’s: moar funny pictures moar funny pictures Here is a link to the […] more


Hello, friends. My name is Ariel and I am very excited to have been invited to guest blog here at Feministe. This is where you can usually find me on the internet: and These are some things I do: raise funds for social justice. Go to clown school. Tap dance. Solder. Make tiny […] more