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I’ve Had the Time of My Life

O Feministes! My guest blogging time here is about to expire, and I just wanted to say how wonderfully engaging it’s been for me here. I’ve had my beliefs both challenged and supported, and through both of those I’ve come … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal: The Hoe Diet

A team of economics and business professors have found a link between farming methods and gender inequality. Societies that historically relied on ploughs for farming now have lower rates of gender equality; societies that historically relied on traditional farming methods … Continue reading

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The Female of the Species*

Through some miracle of the Fates, I had not one but two male teachers in high school who happened to discuss women’s issues on the same day. One of them, an aging hippie who had us read Hemingway but who … Continue reading

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“I Can Handle It”: On Relationship Violence, Independence, and Capability

[This piece may contain triggers on relationship violence.] I. In early 2001, a group of friends who had introduced me to my then-boyfriend sat me down at a kitchen table. “We’re worried about you,” one said. “Has he hit you?” … Continue reading

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The Politics of “Hello”

One of the stumbling blocks I repeatedly have over discussions of street harassment is that much of the time, on paper, it’s doesn’t look like harassment. Hell, much of the time what makes me uncomfortable isn’t harassment. Much of the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Dollhouse: Men and Beauty Products

Back when pretty much the only men wearing makeup were either rock lords or Boy George, I privately came up with the guideline that if any particular piece of grooming was something women generally performed while men generally didn’t, I … Continue reading

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Living With Contradiction: Beauty Work and Feminism

When I read Emily Hauser’s critical, searching post last week about beauty work she does that she feels is antifeminist, I got all jazz-hands—even more so after reading everyone’s comments and seeing the complexity therein. Since my focus at The … Continue reading

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Hello My Name Is

Ahoy, Feministes! I’m honored to be a part of this summer’s guest blogger crop. For the next couple of weeks I’ll be your houseguest, and I promise to make the bed and ask before I take a long shower, and … Continue reading

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