Close Your Eyes, Imagine the Future

So my two weeks are up. Of course I didn’t have the time to post about everything I wanted to. But I did want to say thank you especially to Cara for working this stint out for me. I’ll leave you with this video from Detroit artists, Invicible and Waajeed. VIDEO: Detroit artists Invincible + […] more

movement: rust belt style

For other posts in the series: A short history (1) A short history (2) The Ruin Porn Post The Consequences of Ruin Porn On the other side: Hope Porn reImagining Work Dealing with Poverty while being a Michigander More Welfare Woes So another consequence of believing that Detroit (i.e. the Rust Belt) is dying is […] more

More welfare woes…

My facebook friends pointed me to this latest bit of charming news out of Michigan. From Think Progress: If you’re poor and live in Michigan, you just can’t catch a break from the current Republican administration under Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI). Beginning next month, many Michigan residents on food stamps will lose their benefits under […] more

Dealing with Poverty while being a Michigander

As most of you probably know, with the election of Rick Snyder in Michigan came the new Emergency Financial Manager laws. What those laws have entailed has been well documented by Rachel Maddow, among others. What’s been less covered is the fact that it was recently quietly signed into law that welfare recipients in Michigan […] more

reImagining Work

October 28-30, 2011 SAVE THE DATE! The old economy is failing. A new economy is sprouting like shoots after a forest fire. This transition to new ways of understanding and organizing work is as significant as the shift from hunting and gathering to agriculture 11,000 years ago and from agriculture to industry a few hundred […] more

On the other side: Hope Porn

For the rest of the series, see: A short history (1) A short history (2) The Ruin Porn Post The Consequences of Ruin Porn Out of the ruins, springs hope. It’s an inspiring idea, one that we hear all the time. Out of death, springs life, out of horror and hell, springs humanity and grace. […] more

The Consequences of Ruin Porn

So whenever I talk about ruin porn, I’m always asked why any of this matters. What does it matter if there’s a hundred or a million pictures of “dead” Detroit? They’re just pictures! They’re pretty! Only, they’re not just pictures. As discussed here, if you don’t know what you’re looking at, you can often draw […] more
The Ruin Porn Post

The Ruin Porn Post

So here we are at the ruin porn post! Ruin porn is not easy to talk about, especially not with those who collect it. And people outside the city that is a part of ruin porn rarely see the discussions around ruin porn as important. And yet those same people who turn away from “local” […] more
Short History (2)

Short History (2)

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d be covering 1940s Detroit next. Specifically, I want to focus on the battle around a housing complex in Detroit. The Sojourner Truth Homes still exist today. They are public housing, but were built before the stigma of public housing became the norm in the US. They were […] more

A short history (1)

I’ve been very touched reading all the comments about Detroit and different industrial cities in my intro post. As I mentioned in comments, I’m going to be doing a short background post on Detroit and Michigan to provide context for later discussions–but you should definitely read the comments on the intro post as well. They […] more


Hello, I’m bfp. I’ll be posting here at Feministe for the next two weeks. A bit about me: I identify mostly as a Malinchista. A traitor to nation, to borders, to men. A worker. A mami. Queer. I have a long sordid past with Feminism that I’ll let you discover through the googles. I struggle […] more