Chally is a student by day, a freelance writer by night, a scary, scary feminist all the time, and a voracious reader whenever she has a spare moment. She also blogs at Zero at the Bone. Full bio here.

A Poem for Feministe Commenters

This is feminist! This isn’t feminist! I’m going to talk as though members of the group I’m talking about aren’t reading. Real disabled people don’t use the Internet. And we’re all white here. I’m not going to listen to the mod. I think this is a derail. Stop acting like you’re a moderator and stop […] more

Speculative and science fiction in colour

I am having some thoughts about representations of non-white people/people of colour in speculative and science fiction. The thing is, however, that most of the science fiction I encounter is by white people and about white people. What are your recommendations for SF/spec featuring non-white people and worlds? I want your recs for good representations […] more