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Chally is a student by day, a freelance writer by night, a scary, scary feminist all the time, and a voracious reader whenever she has a spare moment. She also blogs at Zero at the Bone. Full bio here.

Age limit on foreign men marrying Cambodian women introduced

From the AFP: MALE foreigners over the age of 50 have been outlawed from marrying Cambodian women in the country under new rules designed to crack down on sham marriages and human trafficking, the government said today [16 March]. Foreigners … Continue reading

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Monday (Not So) Random Ten

Ah, dear readers, we have come to this pass. I have contemplated doing a Monday, or, indeed, a Friday Random Ten many times before, but then music for which you will make fun of me always comes up in my … Continue reading

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Where are you from? Part 4

Previously: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Where are you now? Is it home? Is it a place you can’t see your way to it being a home? Sometimes identifying a place as where you’re from isn’t just about … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Post a link and a short description of something you’ve written this week. Make it specific, don’t just link to your whole blog. Not quite sure how this HTML deal works? Just use this as an example: <a href=””>BlogPostTitle</a>

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A Poem for Feministe Commenters

This is feminist! This isn’t feminist! I’m going to talk as though members of the group I’m talking about aren’t reading. Real disabled people don’t use the Internet. And we’re all white here. I’m not going to listen to the … Continue reading

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Speculative and science fiction in colour

I am having some thoughts about representations of non-white people/people of colour in speculative and science fiction. The thing is, however, that most of the science fiction I encounter is by white people and about white people. What are your … Continue reading

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Here is your chance to make a difference

Earlier this month, I posted Some fabulous Guatemalan teenage girls could do with your help. You can click through for details of the wonderful work being done. In essence, Voces de Cambio, the only all-girls afterschool program in the country, … Continue reading

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Where are you from? Part 3

Previously: Part 1 and Part 2. Who gets asked where they’re from? My mother is asked this all the time by strangers in the street. And she’ll answer, hesitatingly, with the country in which she lived prior to coming here, … Continue reading

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‘And for how long will we let ideological agendas kill women in silence?’

I want to share with you a speech given by a young Moroccan doctor and sexual and reproductive rights activist by the name of Imane Khachani. I’ve been extremely fortunate in securing an interview with Dr Khachani – ! – … Continue reading

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Who has the power to fix the system here?

There’s a piece in the Zambia Daily Mail by Zangose Chambwa called Work hard, First Lady tells women. The second sentence is as follows: Mrs Banda said women should not wait to be appointed because of men feeling pity for … Continue reading

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Some fabulous Guatemalan teenage girls could do with your help

I’ve recieved an email I think you should take a look at. Lucas writes… […] I’ve been asked by a group I volunteer with in Guatemala to organize and lead some workshops on video and visual storytelling. The group is … Continue reading

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No, people, no.

Why is this a thing that keeps happening? Via The Indian Express, scientists in Germany have invented a robot with “model-like” looks. The amazing hi-tech Artificial Intelligence Lightweight Android (AILA) robot, called fembot, can not only navigate, think for herself … Continue reading

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