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Clarisse Thorn is a Chicago-based, feminist, sex-positive activist and educator. Personal blog at; follow her on Twitter @clarissethorn; you can also buy her awesome book about pickup artists or her awesome best-of collection, The S&M Feminist.

Most watertight breakup letter ever

A lady friend of mine who happens to be an incipient lawyer recently broke up with her boyfriend. The boyfriend sent her a long post-breakup email (we’ve all sent that email). She composed a 100% kind, sweet, watertight response that … Continue reading

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Storytime: The Tell-Tale Ring

For the next month or two, I’m going to be contributing weekly pieces to the girl-power website Off Our Chests. Here’s my latest. Snip: So, I have this ex. I dated him for a long time, but we haven’t really … Continue reading

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Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance

The International Transgender Day of Remembrance was set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. Some of the memorial events have already happened, but there are still events coming up in some areas. Here’s … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Go for it.

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Amazing feminist history through the lens of “Ms. Magazine”

In the years leading up to the birth of “Ms. Magazine”, women had trouble getting a credit card without a man’s signature, had few legal rights when it came to divorce or reproduction, and were expected to aspire solely to … Continue reading

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Contest: #Rewrite The Ending for great justice!

I heart Breakthrough — “a global human rights organization that uses the power of media, pop culture, and community mobilization to inspire people to take bold action for dignity, equality, and justice.” Previously I’ve posted about their awesome Facebook game … Continue reading

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Jaclyn Friedman on “What You Really Really Want”

Awesome interview done by Salon’s Tracy Clark-Flory with Jaclyn Friedman on Jaclyn’s new book — What You Really Really Want: A Smart Girl’s Shame-Free Guide To Sex And Safety. Snip from the interview’s intro: Jaclyn Friedman is the sex educator … Continue reading

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Marriage, Singledom, Social Evolution, and that Kate Bolick piece in “The Atlantic”

Okay, so. Since I am a Feminist Commentator ™, many folks have asked my opinion on a piece that recently ran in “The Atlantic” called “All The Single Ladies“, by Kate Bolick. Many of you have probably already seen Bolick’s … Continue reading

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The Pervocracy nails it on misguided critiques of sex-positive feminism

I really like a recent post from the sex-positive feminist blogger Holly Pervocracy, and I’m about to link to it. But before I do that, I want to note that in part of the post, Holly explicitly goes after a … Continue reading

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“Racism and Science Fiction” by Samuel R. Delany

Samuel R. Delany is a brilliant and fascinating gay black science fiction author who has won many awards and been the subject of at least one documentary. Here’s an article he wrote about racism and science fiction, which I found … Continue reading

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“Balka: Women, HIV, and Drug Use in Ukraine” short harm reduction documentary

Boosting the signal on this 35-minute documentary. (Note: If you’re unfamiliar with the subject matter, then I recommend reading the short discussion guide when you watch it.) Description: The fall of the Soviet Union led to a surge in injecting … Continue reading

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BDSM versus Sex, part 2: How Does It Feel?

Every once in a while, someone will ask me a question about something BDSM-related that I feel “done with”; I feel like I did all my thinking about those topics, years ago. But it’s still useful to get those questions … Continue reading

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