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Caty Simon and the Virtues of Vice (part two)

Oh, LOL.  Sike.  Before I go, I present the conclusion of my email interview with the one and only Ms. Caty Simon. Part one is here. Why do you think people on all sides of the issues involved have such … Continue reading

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Goodbye Goodbye

My last day as a guest blogger!  I want to thank the Feministe regulars for sharing your corner of the interwebs with me.  Thank you to the readers who read my posts, and especially thank you to those of you … Continue reading

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The White Liberal “Feminism” of Tina Fey and Baby Mama

Last night I decided to watch Baby Mama while doing some not very mentally taxing work online.  Oh, my.  Was that movie worse than I expected or what?  It was so bad, in such an interesting, ugly bouquet of ways, … Continue reading

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Caty Simon and The Virtues of Vice (Part One)

Soon after I was asked to guest blog at Feministe I emailed my internet friend Caty to ask if I could interview her for one of my posts.  She maintains the fabulous blog The Virtues of Vice and is generally … Continue reading

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Black Male Outsider

I wanted to plug this book while I’m still blogging for you all.  It’s a memoir by Gary L. Lemons,  a former professor of mine, who had a large influence on the development of my politics.  I took a number … Continue reading

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Man charged with kidnapping 11 year old girl and imprisoning her for 18 years suspected in serial killings of 10 prostitutes

(via Bound, Not Gagged) This story is beyond sickening. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a man named Phillip Garrido and his wife pleaded not guilty to abducting Jaycee Lee Dugard 18 years ago, who they had allegedly kept imprisoned … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday MJ

I know some of you are like: “enough with the MJ!”  But I’m in Brooklyn. There was a big birthday party in Prospect Park today that I did not attend as my asthma and allergies have been out of control … Continue reading

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Notes on Gore

I had about half a post written about  my sometime contentious relationship with veganism (I am vegan), PETA, food justice, and a whole mess of other stuff, but then Renee had to go make an excellent post about the frequent … Continue reading

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Another brief gripe about the dearth of accessible sex worker history

Almeda Sperry was a prostitute and anarchist writer and organizer in the early 20th century.  She was a good friend of Emma Goldman.  Some speculate that they were lovers.  Sperry certainly wrote tormented, romantic letters to Goldman, some of which … Continue reading

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Shall we tint our Twitter avatars? No? Carry on…

As many of you are no doubt aware, Manuel Zelaya, the democratically elected president of Honduras, was ousted in an illegal military coup last June.   Obama originally issued a condemnation of the army, who stormed the presidential palace and removed … Continue reading

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Hello Hello!

Hi!  I am thrilled to be blogging here at Feministe for the next two weeks.  I’m honored and grateful to have this platform from which to communicate with such a large and engaged audience.  I hope at least some of … Continue reading

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