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Fat and healthy – not an oxymoron.

Hey there! I know you’re all like “didn’t she say adieu (and spell it incorrectly, too) awhile ago?” Well, I did, but the delightful Powers That Be at Feministe are allowing me to another quick visit, in order to drop … Continue reading

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So long, farewell, aufwiedersehn, adeiu!

Well it’s been two weeks, and here I am, one hand on the doorknob, the other clutching my valise. It’s time for me to hit the road, but I have so enjoyed being here! My only regret is that I … Continue reading

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It’s Ramadan. How ’bout those Muslim feminists?

In honor of Ramadan (which began this week), and the fact that I have but a little time left with the lovely folks of Feministe, I thought I would aim once again for the overlap in my life’s Venn Diagram. … Continue reading

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Things about me which please me (and even occasionally make me proud).

The other day I wrote about things I do of which I am ashamed. This shame is based in my personal, and particular, experience with patriarchy and my understanding of feminism, and it’s real, but it’s dawned on me in … Continue reading

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I’ll take any good news you got.

In the Sometimes Good News Comes in Tiny Increments But It’s Still Good News Department (aka: The Department of SGNCITIBISGN): 1) Judge blocks Kan. law stripping Planned Parenthood of fed. funding, says law unlikely to last An incredulous federal judge … Continue reading

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Teta, Mother and Me: Three Generations of Arab Women

I’ve had the Feministe audience at the back of my mind (even when working on material that hasn’t seemed an easy fit for a blog devoted to discussions of feminism) since starting my guest gig here last week — which … Continue reading

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Norway and terrorism as a daily event.

In the West, we seem to have at least a double standard when it comes to violence and mayhem. When violence and mayhem involves People Who Look Like Us (“us” in this case generally translating to: ethnically European/white, not-poor, citizens … Continue reading

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Shabbat alert.

Just a quick note: As mentioned in my first post, I’m Jewish — as not mentioned, I’m a little more observant than many. I don’t work on Shabbat, and thus won’t be around to fish comments out of moderation or … Continue reading

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Things I do of which I am ashamed.

Please note UPDATE in the comments (#82). I’m a feminist. I’m 46 years old, and I have never known myself to be anything but a feminist, in word and in deed. I marched for the ERA as a young high … Continue reading

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Life in America sucks. It used to suck more. Discuss.

Huh! So – not a single comment [thanks for the comments there, too!] on my Israel/Palestine post! Hardly even a click to see how I look on the small screen! I’m so used to people just waiting to jump into … Continue reading

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Palestine, the UN, Israel, the Oslo Accords – & me, on Russian TV.

UPDATE: I’ve added a link with some basic background on the conflict in the comments. When I introduced myself earlier in the week, I said that I write a lot about Israel/Palestine, but that I also write about a lot … Continue reading

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…and after you’ve stopped with the bathing suit pictures, maybe stop having breasts.

The following may be triggering for some, as it concerns the physical abuse of young girls. I can’t even. What the fuck. I’m working on the afore-mentioned “white Jewish lady” post (more accurately: I appeared on Russian TV yesterday to … Continue reading

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