Author: Guest: Eve

Eve is one of the 2012 Summer team of guest bloggers. Her projects look like: @evesturges,,,, & She lives with her daughter and boyfriend in Los Angeles and loves the color orange.

I Miss You Already.

Remember when we didn’t even know each other? I was just some guest, and you were just Feministe? Without knowing it, we embarked on a journey together; what an adventure it’s been! But, like all good roller coasters, this ride…

And about Tattoos…

(I casually mentioned in my previous post that I might be concerned if my daughter got chest tattoos. I thought it might be interesting to look into that concern a little more.Take what you like and leave the rest.) In…

Daddy’s Little Girl

While my daughter was away, she—my beautiful, hilarious, little girl—started growing up. I don’t want her to bemoan the inevitable; she will grow up. She IS growing up. I want to be in complete control of the kind of woman she turns out to be: strong, smart, powerful, unstoppable, and feminist. I want that affirmation, and my routines, to be enough armor against the effects of a mostly-absent father.

But I can’t really—really really—control the woman she is becoming, regardless of which coast she’s on. So what’s a mother to do?

Hello Feministe!

Squeee! Here I am; my guest blogging stint on Feministe begins. I feel incredibly humbled to have been invited into your vibrant community. The past three months have seen me preparing for your energetic discourse; I have been reading your posts and comments with fervor, keeping a dictionary and internet close by. To be frank, ya’ll intimidate the fuck out of me. Consider yourselves serious educators in modern gender politics. (I know you know that, “in defense of the sanctimonious women studies set” and all; for what it’s worth, allow me to validate that idea.) I am looking forward to this experience not only as an opportunity to write, but to learn. Please do not hesitate to school me in all things animal, vegetable, and mineral.