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The Hippie Hippie Shake

Most people I know say I’m a hippie at heart — the polyamory and free love, the music I dig, my sociological interest in hippie culture… I do like seeing and learning about all things 60s and 60s counter-culture in … Continue reading

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Play Cool, Kids, Play Cool

Before starting my guest-blogging stint here, I asked folks everywhere to send me ideas for things to post. Abby Jean requested ponies, which quickly turned into My Little Pony thanks to Cara. Queen Emily and T. R Xands expressed their … Continue reading

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EWW! Is That Period Blood?!

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is people’s aversion to menstrual blood. Perhaps I’m just super comfortable with my body or took one too many reproductive health classes or maybe I’m just gross, but I really don’t get … Continue reading

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Does Crossing Over Mean Selling Out?

Yesterday, I wrote on my blog about my disappointment in Shakira’s new style. I don’t want to put Shakira into a category of “sell-outs” because I think she does a lot of great philanthropic work with her money and fame. … Continue reading

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(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Me

Hi lovely people! It is I, frau sally benz, here to enthrall, enlighten, and entertain. Okay… probably just entertain, but we all need to aim high in life. I am horrible at introductions, so let’s see how this goes… I … Continue reading

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