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Ask a Bisexual: “Can Men and Women Ever Just Be Friends?”

Guest blogger: L.M. from The Lobster Dance ( and I’ll Make It Myself! (

In this Feminist Friday post, I’m going to discuss bi1 erasure in social science research and news coverage. It’s bad enough having to do the closet hokey-pokey literally every single day of my life2, but when heterosexual/monosexual/cisgender social scientists and writers decide to pointedly ignore non-monosexual folks or write their thrilling conclusions about our personal lives without our input3, it very much affects us.

You can’t possibly be crying?

Guest Post by Malinda: “It wasn’t long into my adult life when I lost my daughter to Spina Bifida, very unexpectedly. Not only was the pregnancy unexpected, but so was her death. And I found myself thrust into a completely different part of life, in uncharted waters. At 20-years-old I had an immense amount of grief to learn to cope with; but at the same time I needed to find my way back to “normal” life, whatever that may be.”

Jian Ghomeshi, the CBC and Rape Culture

Guest Blogger: Andie from Inspiration Strikes. In The Kneecaps.

[Content Note: sexual abuse, harassment]

I’ve been wanting to get this guest post done and finished, but every time I turn around this story just keeps unravelling.

This week both my Twitter and Facebook feeds blew up with the news that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation had quite suddenly cut ties with long-time radio host Jian Ghomeshi, citing information that had come to their attention which precluded their continued relationship.

VLOGGING – Rape Culture in Gaming?

Is rape culture a thing? Beyond the factually challenged fringe, most normal people would agree it’s impossible for sexual violence to flourish unless society’s culture condones and promotes it – not just through laws that force women to pay for their own rape kits if authorities think their dresses or drinking contributed to their victimisation, but also through media gatekeepers who slap films with NC-17 if they depict female pleasure, but merely give an R to films depicting violent female rape. So, is rape culture in gaming equally cause for concern?

VLOGGING – Girl Gamers Play Online?

This week’s episode explores why girl gamers don’t seem very common, despite surveys suggesting girls make up half of all gamers. And whilst it’s a coincidence we finished this episode the same month that rape threats against women gamers roared back into public consciousness, we’re all too happy to bring actual facts and arguments to a debate where mainstream gaming’s first instinct is to smear the female-identified as a “bitch, slut and whore”. Now, onto those pesky facts

VLOGGING – Campus Rape Exaggerated?

After a stupidly long hiatus (entirely the fault of our editor being AWOL, because of a new job), we’re back with a new episode – and this time it’s a topic from the headlines. Now that campus rape in the U.S. is finally getting the attention it deserves from media and federal investigators, the usual pro-rape lobbyists are stepping up their efforts to stop the oh-so-ghastly spectre of rape prevention, claiming that campus rape is way overblown by feminist propaganda

VLOGGING – Virgins Literally Pop Cherries?

Finals are here, but we managed to squeeze out one last episode before semester’s end. Yes, it resembles the question we answered last time, but… Okay, we really just wanted to do a simple, non-intersectionality-laden question, to avoid extra stress on top of revising for exams. But even if you already know everything about virginity, feel free to watch if you want to be entertained by what we played whilst answering the question

VLOGGING – Can Virgins Have Oral Sex?

From outside, it probably seems we quit the Feministe vlog after just 4 months of vlogging. In actuality, despite scepticism from professors, we’ve been labouring for 4 months behind the scenes to reboot the vlog, brainstorming ways to deliver content with appeal beyond the feminist blogosphere. Frankly your mates and ours might need this more than you, if they never got sex education in school. So come, judge what we came up with. For one thing, it involves Call of Duty

The march backwards

Guest Blogger: Thilde Knudsen, Head of Marie Stopes International’s Europe Office

Women’s sexual and reproductive rights at risk: Spain is about to criminalise abortion; politicians in the UK repeatedly attempt to reduce the 24-week limit and today (Apr 10) in Brussels, a Parliamentary hearing is discussing a European Citizens’ initiative that if successful would block European Commission (EC) development funding for maternal health.