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Meeting Bill Clinton

(Note: details of the meeting follow my personal narrative!) A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation to represent Feministe as a credentialed blogger at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, which kicks off today in NYC. I was … Continue reading

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The women still in the race

For all the talk about the historic nature of the Clinton (woman!) and Obama (Black!) campaigns that’s gone on in the mainstream media for the past year, you might not have any idea that a third, equally unprecedented ticket was … Continue reading

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Blacks, Latinos, and the precariousness of “middle class”

Today I listened to a segment on Democracy Now! about a new report that’s out from Demos and Brandeis University on the state of the Black and Latino middle class in the United States. The study, entitled “Economic (In)Security: The … Continue reading

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In short: Women suck, Batman rulez.

Reports are out that Christian Bale, star of the new hit Batman movie, has been arrested in London for the alleged assault of his mother and sister. I will admit that when I saw these reports this morning, I had … Continue reading

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After 20 years’ fight, expanded domestic violence law in NY state

Twenty years ago, Assemblywoman Helene E. Weinstein of Brooklyn introduced legislation that would expand protections for victims of domestic and intimate partner violence in New York state. After reintroducing similar legislation every year since, the Fair Access bill has finally … Continue reading

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Trans Day of Action – Friday, June 27, NYC

When: Friday, June 27, 2008 – 3:00pm Where: Starting rally at City Hall Park, Manhattan, NY Tomorrow is the fourth annual Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice, organized by the TransJustice working group of the Audre Lorde … Continue reading

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Convictions overturned for 2 of the New Jersey 4

Two of the four young Black lesbians who were convicted after defending themselves from a homophobic attack in 2007 have had their convictions overturned. From the New York Times article: An appeals court on Thursday overturned the convictions of two … Continue reading

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Latina teacher fired for not regurgitating the same old crap

cross-posted at AngryBrownButch Yesterday while listening to Democracy Now! I heard about Karen Salazar for the first time. She is a high school teacher who was fired from her position at a school in LA because her curriculum was too … Continue reading

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Why this queer isn’t celebrating

I’ll admit it: I couldn’t help but get a bit happy when I heard that California was legalizing same-sex marriage. And today, when I heard about the first couples in line to enjoy their new rights, couples like Phyllis Lyon … Continue reading

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The Story of Stuff

Cross-posted at AngryBrownButch. Every morning I seem to find some distraction on the Internet that leads to me running out the door far later than I should have left or starting my work day woefully off schedule. Usually the distraction … Continue reading

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Feminism without fragmentation

When Jill asked me to come on as a regular blogger for Feministe, one question/concern that I had for her was about the type of stuff I could post here. Feministe is, of course, centered around feminism, so I asked … Continue reading

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Hey, everyone!

I’m happy to announce that I’m the newest blogger on this awesome Feministe team! A big thanks to Jill for inviting me and to my fellow bloggers for welcoming me. (And to Jill, have a good break. I strongly believe … Continue reading

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