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Adios, Feministe!

My two weeks of guest posting are up today, a big thanks to Jill and everybody here at the Feministe community for welcoming me. You can find me over at Amplify, where (in my highly biased opinion) we have some … Continue reading

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Target Women: Brooke Shields

Sarah Haskins on Mrs. Mom-a-morphosis, who wants to help cure your un-feminine eyelashes, fyi…

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“You don’t have to tell me about ‘the parts’… just tell me to wait”

No, that’s not Leslee Unruh or the National Abstinence Education Association. It’s the Obama Administration. Here’s the new tv ad from, run by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services: So, let’s see, you’ve been in office 8 months … Continue reading

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“Are you a treasure or a target?”: More sex ed FAIL from Ohio

For some reason or another, Ohio schools seemed to be inundated with some of the worst abstinence-only-until-marriage programs in the entire country. Ohio is the home of Elizabeth’s New Life Center, notable for employing Derek the Abstinence Clown, who comes … Continue reading

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Senator Kennedy and the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act

Last night, Senator Ted Kennedy passed away at the age of 77, after 47 years of serving his country in the United States Senate. As we currently still face the threat of harrassment and violence at women’s health clinics from … Continue reading

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Randall Terry’s pathetic road show

Domestic terrorist Randall Terry, who has warned of “random acts of violence” and violent “reprisals against those deemed guilty” if healthcare reform is passed, is currently on a 10-city freakshow tour of the south. Yesterday, the freakshow went to Louisville, … Continue reading

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Target Women: Charm School

National treasure Sarah Haskins takes a look at the most horrid reality show this side of “More to Love“.

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Michele Bachmann: radical pro-choice feminist?

Fo realz?!? “That’s why people need to continue to go to the town halls, continue to melt the phone lines of their liberal members of Congress, and let them know, under no certain circumstances will I give the government control … Continue reading

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One woman takes on King Coal. And wins.

Back in my home state of Kentucky, there is perhaps no greater tragedy than mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR). This is a method of mining where mountains are literally blown up and leveled, with the remaining debris dumped into the … Continue reading

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Plumber Sam joins the Violence Against Pelosi Club

Fresh off having been the butt of a murder “joke” by Glenn Beck (ha ha), Nancy Pelosi today got another veiled threat of violence by an unhinged man. This time, it was the 2008 mascot of the Republican Party, “Joe” … Continue reading

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Greetings and Salutations!

Hello Feministe community! It’s my great honor to be guest posting at this fabulous blog over the next two weeks. I little about myself: I’m a lifelong Kentuckian who got into political blogging 3 years ago. Besides bourbon, horses, and … Continue reading

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