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Really I Just Blame Facebook

The summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college was simply idyllic. I spent my days working on an ocean-front lobster shack and my nights out around Portland, Maine. I may not have made a lot of money that … Continue reading

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Lessons from Camp.

It seems as though everything I encounter this week is a reminder than summer is coming to an end (well, except the weather. It’s 90 degrees outside. In Maine). Whenever I think about summer, I think about camp. I was … Continue reading

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And This is the Post on Love

During the 2008 Democratic National Convention Joe Biden’s son told the story of the death of his mother and the way his family rebuilt itself after tragedy. Halfway through his speech he uttered a line that still plays in my … Continue reading

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The Digital Me and the Digital You

I’ve met some of my closest friends online (heart you, tumblr), found soulmates through twitter and consider gchat a form of foreplay. It’s through the Internet that I’ve been allowed to spend these weeks writing with you. As it’s been … Continue reading

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The Things We Carry

About four months ago I decided to move from my sunny apartment in San Francisco back to my seaside Maine homeland. Over the course of a month I packed up a life I’d created for myself and shipped it to … Continue reading

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The Past and Now

About two years ago I attended a NARAL event at received a t-shirt that read, “I Heart Pro-Choice Boys.” I’m not one for clothing with a message, but I wear that shirt with pride. Pride not only for the organization, … Continue reading

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I’d Like to get to Know you

Hello lovely feministe readers! My name is Joy Engel and I am delighted to to have the opportunity to write for you over the next few weeks. Normally you can find me on my Tumblr where I share my slightly … Continue reading

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