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This Groundhog’s Day

I’ve been keeping to myself in a very unhealthy, bitter way lately. I’m battling a major depression and I think starting to pull out of it, but that’s not what I want to talk about. I’m a person who needs … Continue reading

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My new kitten and her Very Bad Habit(s)

Part 2 She chewed through my phone cord, so I’ve been without internet all day. I finally borrowed a phone cord from the neighbor. She runs at the desk chair and takes a flying leap at the back of it, … Continue reading

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Dear Elaine

Please folks, I know this is a loaded issue, but please no more comments suggesting Elaine cause harm to herself. And if you do go to her site, please be respectful. I don’t want to have to put all comments … Continue reading

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Wow, look at you

First off, thanks to everybody for their concern about my Wayward Eldest Daughter issue. I kind of feel bad about plastering her mug all over internet, but she and the Skeptical Youngest are rather used to it by now. Kat … Continue reading

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In which wayward eldest daughter gets caught

image description: a very pretty girl with an L.A. cap, a pierced nose, a black tank top, luminous hazel eyes, and lots of freckles, is looking straight at the camera. Behind her are various people on the Venice boardwalk, including … Continue reading

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This year I’ll celebrate 3 years of blogging. I ended 2007 laughing my ass off with Ashanti, both of us playing World of Warcraft and chasing some guy making choo choo train noises at him til he ran away. I … Continue reading

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A Katy Jones link round-up

Let’s start off with Kay at The Gimp Parade: Katie Jones is a second-grader in Lake County, Illinois, who has severe cerebral palsy and whose parents have sent her to school with a DNR order (Do Not Resuscitate) prominently attached … Continue reading

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I got World of Warcraft for Christmas. If you don’t see much of me for a while, that’s why.

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The best present ever

This news that made me happy. Another story that has been posted all over, so here are the links you should check out for the best coverage: Nezua Lakota Secede from United States of America I GUESS THIS MEANS the … Continue reading

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To all my sisters on welfare*

*Edited to add this observation from Shannon: A long time ago, a rabbi said that those who are last will be first. I think he meant those who are last in your hearts will be first in heaven. The single … Continue reading

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In the interests of full disclosure

Apparently there was a bit of controversy–well ok, it was just one guy being a jerk–over my joy at getting some psych meds, as chronicled in this post. So, for the interests of full disclosure, I thought I’d let you … Continue reading

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New Orleans police enforce the “no poor folk in NOLA” rule

hat tip, Beautiful Also Are The Souls of My Black Sisters: Image description: several people surround a woman who is being tended to on the ground by two women and a man. The woman on the ground has her mouth … Continue reading

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