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Hey, I like my new doctor

I’ve spent the last few days in a state of increasing agitation over the prospect of seeing my new doctor. You know how it is when you are fat, female, and (past) 40–the doc is very often Not Your Friend. … Continue reading

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Oogidy body fluids and the middle-aged woman’s body

I’ve only got a few minutes before I have to get ready to go see my new doctor, but I thought I’d throw this out there for the women in the audience. Why the fuck does an almost-48 year old … Continue reading

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Update and mobilization statement from Coalition To Stop Demolitions

Image description: a large white cloth banner with the words STOP THE DEMOLITIONS. The image is close cropped but several hands are visible holding the banner. A statement from the Coalition to Stop Demolitions: The Coalition to Stop the Demolitions … Continue reading

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Why demolishing public housing cuts to the bone

Have any of you all ever been evicted? Ever lost a home for any reason? Even if it’s an old house in the middle of the city that could probably use a lot of time and money that you don’t … Continue reading

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Activists fight back against demolition of low-income housing in New Orleans

hat tip brownfemipower and the many other bloggers who have worked to keep this story front and center. Big thanks go out to The Redstar Perspective, which provides the links in this story. (Sorry about overlooking your contribution, and thanks … Continue reading

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My new kitten and her Very Bad Habit

My new kitten comes from an abusive situation, so I’m cutting her serious slack. But this morning I woke up to find her kneading my neck and sucking on my ear. Slurp, slurp, slurp went tiny little kitten noises. Tiny … Continue reading

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Fat and Queer: Call for proposals

CALL FOR PROPOSALS he New York City radical fat political group “Fat and Queer” [FAQ] is organizing a one day conference in February entitled ” ‘Fat is Contagious:’ Political Fat Queer Visibility and Action in the Era of the ‘Obesity … Continue reading

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Introducing my newest heroine

This story has been linked in several of the blogs I read, but I’m gonna snag from Sylvia’s place, since that’s where I saw it first: I have a new woman to look up to, and she’s 7 years old. … Continue reading

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Do my research for me, Oh Great Blogosphere

I want to know the different in voltage between a police taser and an implanted heart pacer-defibrillator. I know there’s some medical folks out there who can help me out!

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Sudy brings the truth home

I have to admit, I’ve watched this video several times over the last 24 hours. Each time I’m more impressed. For starters Sudy, of A Womyn’s Ecdysis is a great natural actress. In her new project, Fem Watch 1, she … Continue reading

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And this is the part at which I wander through the door

Hi all. My name is kactus, and as of today I’m officially a blogger at feministe. I used to run a somewhat popular little blog called Super Babymama, til I went through a midlife crisis one day and exploded it. … Continue reading

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Later, Gator

I want to thank Jill for letting me wax self-indulgent this week. I hope you all cruise on by my place for more intense naval-gazing and cat pix, and, occasionally, a look at the world outside. It’s been fun!

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