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That was fast.

Wow, the whole week’s gone already! I’m on my way back to Feline Formal Shorts after a wonderful week of guest-blogging here. Thank you all for being such attentive readers, and for contributing to the threads I put up. And … Continue reading

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Race-Relations 101 – What can I do?

One of the most frequently asked questions in 101 type discussions is: “What can I do?” Granted, the focus of that question ranges from “how can I integrate my friend-circle?” to “how do I combat passive racism?” to “how do … Continue reading

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Race Relations 101 – Let’s start with hair.

(“Race Relations 101” isn’t exactly the title I’m looking for. Suggestions for better things to call this series would be much appreciated.) The issues surrounding “ethnic” hair in general, and black hair specifically, come up pretty frequently in discussions about … Continue reading

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Because I promised…

Way back when I was tagged to be a guest-blogger here, I said that I would write some race-relations 101 posts. I have some ideas (and I’m hoping to flesh out at least one of them today), but I’d like … Continue reading

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Link Lovin’

My mind is a wanderin’ and my keyboard is too. Take a peek over my shoulder and see what I’ve been reading lately.

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Instant good karma.

If you’ve got money to spare, wing it over Blackamazon’s way. Any amount is welcome, but she’s got a special deal going on too. Heres the deal: Donate an amount over $25 ( the amount I make for a one … Continue reading

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Criticizing the things you love

How do you balance criticism of something (or acknowledging its weaknesses) with your appreciation for it? I liked the Transformers movie, on the whole… but I still left yelling “Why did the black robot have to die?” Thinking about the … Continue reading

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When witty banter escapes you…

… I guess you just start talking. Heh. Hi there. I’m Magniloquence, and I blog over at Feline Formal Shorts. (The name, for those of you making faces, is a play on Aunt B’s Tiny Cat Pants. So you can … Continue reading

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