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It’s that time…

…time for me to bid adieu to the Feministe readership. These were two stimulating weeks. Though of course I didn’t get around to posting everything I had hoped to, I put up a few posts that I’m really proud of — … Continue reading

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Shocking: teens know sex feels good

Via Tracy Clark-Flory’s excellent takedown of yet more conservative fear-mongering, news of a sex education pamphlet published by the National Health Service of the United Kingdom titled “Pleasure.” The word doesn’t quite inspire hives for me, but for some, it … Continue reading

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Today in fascinating photos

Am I the only one who thinks this recent picture of Sarah Palin at a signing event in Alaska is simultaneously hilarious, disturbing, and extremely telling? Cross-posted at Women’s Glib.

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I’m interested in language, as you might have noticed from my last post on pro-life/anti-choice semantics. I have a little series on my blog called Language Matters, where I discuss the significance of language in culture, politics, and progress. (Keep … Continue reading

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An email

Upon reading your article “Palin’s anti-choice legacy,” I wanted to bring a particular point to your attention.   Your use of the term “anti-choice” is very misleading, and shows a significant misunderstanding of the term.   The term anti-choice by … Continue reading

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Palin’s anti-choice legacy

Via Feministing, a post by Clara Jeffery of Mother Jones tells us that one of Palin’s last acts in office was to accelerate a parental notice and consent law for women under 18 who are seeking abortion. We see this … Continue reading

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What the DOE doesn’t want you reading

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I will be a senior at a public high school in NYC this fall. (As much as I’d like to forget all about school during these fleeting summer months, it still seems to … Continue reading

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Hello and all that

Hi everyone! I’m Miranda, one of your humble guest-bloggers for the next two weeks. I’m white, cis, able-bodied, middle class, and jonesin’ to get to know the Feministe readership. Come September, I will be a senior at a public high … Continue reading

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