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Exiting Stage Left

Well Feministe readers, My two week guest blogging stint closes today. I wanted to thank Jill, Cara and the Feministe editing team for extending me the gracious invitation to come here and write about various issues. I had a goal … Continue reading

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You Respect A Cisperson’s Right To Choose Their Name, Why Not A Transperson?

A TransGriot Post I wrote on April 25, 2009 Why do cisgender people feel they have the right to disrespect transgender people by refusing to use or acknowledge the names we have chosen for ourselves? Would you disrespect Cherilyn Sarkisian … Continue reading

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We Want The Same Things You Do

A TransGriot Post I wrote June 28, 2009 “The ideals and ambitions which the Negro entertains for himself are precisely those which the white man entertains for himself. And this the white man foolishly resents.” NAACP founder Archibald Grimke spoke … Continue reading

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Caster Semenya Case Opening Old Wounds

I was watching the track and field championships in Berlin last month when Caster Semenya won her 800m gold medal in the fifth fastest time ever run by a woman. But as I know from my time on planet Earth, … Continue reading

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Being Trans Is A Worldwide Thang

A TransGriot post I wrote July 27, 2009. One of the things that I love about the Net and compiling TransGriot is that it consistently reaffirms for me that I have brothers and sisters all over the planet. It reminds … Continue reading

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Why Black Transgender Role Models Are Important

A TransGriot post I wrote in April 2009. Wyatt T. Walker wrote in a December 1967 Negro Digest article, “Rob a people of their sense of history and you take away hope.” So when I stated that I wish I’d … Continue reading

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Stealth Was A Mistake

Another Classic TransGriot post One of the ongoing arguments in the transgender community that’s guaranteed to generate heated debate one way or the other is the stealth vs out one. Basically, stealth is the transgender equivalent of what we call … Continue reading

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I Have To Prove It Every Day

Another one of my classic TransGriot posts for your Feministe reading pleasure. There was a recent Battlestar Galactica episode in which Sharon and her husband Helo were discussing some issues. During the conversation Helo remarked that to him his Cylon … Continue reading

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Williams Sisters Become NFL Owners

Serena and Venus Williams have been rewriting the tennis history books ever since their breakthrough Gland Slam victory ten years ago at the 1999 US Open. My favorite tennis playing siblings are currently marching though the 2009 US Open field … Continue reading

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What A Difference A Year Makes

Back in May 2008 I wrote a TransGriot post entitled ‘Destruction of the Black Transwoman Image.‘ In that post I pointed out that transwomen have some of the same problems as our cisgender sisters when it comes to Black womanhood. … Continue reading

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Why You Tripping About What I Said?

I’ve been involved in online discourse for over ten years now. It never fails that when I or any Black person, be they gay, straight or trans, posts ANY commentary that critiques how whiteness insidiously operates in our communities and … Continue reading

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Dan Savage, Chill With Your Race Baiting

Dan Savage just won’t give up pimping that thoroughly discredited meme about the Prop 8 loss in Ca-lee-forn-ia. “I do know this, though: I’m done pretending that the handful of racist gay white men out there—and they’re out there, and … Continue reading

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